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Top 13 Bad Temperament Quotes

#1. You start thinking the world is a certain way and forgetting that there's another world outside of the campus boundaries that has nothing to do with what is your world at the time. - Author: James Van Der Beek
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#2. A person who has no secrets is a liar. We always fold ourselves away from others just enough to preserve a secret or two, something that we cannot share without destroying our inner landscape. - Author: Anne Roiphe
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#3. An intense temperament has convinced me to teach not only from books but from what I have learned from experience. So I try to impress upon young doctors and graduate students that tumultuousness, if coupled to discipline and a cool mind, is not such a bad sort of thing. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
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#4. Pain is a sensation produced by something contrary to the course of nature and this sensation is set up by one of two circumstances: either a very sudden change of the temperament (or the bad effect of a contrary temperament) or a solution of continuity. - Author: Avicenna
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#5. Early on in my career I had a lot of bad press about my temperament, but I was only a young lad then. - Author: Wayne Rooney
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#6. Bruno was a musician with the temperament of an anarchist and the breath of a bartender's dishrag. He gave the lie to bookselling as a genteel occupation. - Author: Sheridan Hay
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#7. Does somebody know why the consciousness of death has to die? - Author: Sorin Cerin
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#8. The Eucharist has been preempted and redefined in dualistic thinking that leaves the status quo of the world untouched, so congregations can take the meal without raising questions of violence; the outcome is a "colonized imagination" that is drained of dangerous hope. - Author: Walter Brueggemann
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#9. If you are a novelist of a certain type of temperament, then what you really want to do is re-invent the world. God wasn't too bad a novelist, except he was a Realist. - Author: John Barth
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#10. The scripture comes gently, as a mother comes to her child, so that we who can scarcely crawl on the ground are not left alone in our weakness." (Augustine) - Author: Bengt R. Hoffman
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#11. You have to be going somewhere to have the energy you need to get there. - Author: Mehmet Oz
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#12. A true friend is not angry when you insult. Instead they think of more insulting words to you. - Author: Sphencer Perales
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#13. The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat. - Author: Brigham Young
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