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Top 20 Backseat Driving Quotes

#1. There are many matters and many circumstances in which consciousness is undesirable and silence is golden, so that secrecy can be used as a marker to tell us that we are approaching the holy. - Author: Gregory Bateson
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#2. Has anybody here ever been driving along in their car, smoking a cigarette, and you flick it out the window, and you drive for a few miles, and you start to smell smoke, and you turn around, and you look in the backseat, and grandma is playing with herself? - Author: Doug Benson
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#3. Maddy: "Um ... William?" she said, driving up the narrow dirt road. "Is there a particular reason you keep a sword behind your backseat?" William: "Because I don't own a gun yet - Author: Janet Chapman
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#4. Guatemala's ornate presidential palace, once a terrifying fortress whose every corridor was patrolled by heavily armed soldiers in berets and camouflage uniforms, is now a normal public building where ordinary citizens enter without fear. - Author: Stephen Kinzer
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#5. I have heard that stiff people lose something of their awkwardness under high ceilings, and in spacious halls. I think, sculptureand painting have an effect to teach us manners, and abolish hurry. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#6. Though my wife thinks I'm mad, I know I'll drop my daughter to the parties she's invited to. I'll want her friends to say, "Wow what a handsome father you have!" When she's with her boyfriend in the backseat of our car, I'll be at the wheel, driving her around. - Author: Shahrukh Khan
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#7. You're going to ruin me. - Author: Kenya Wright
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#8. Look, if you're driving down the highway at 120 miles an hour, I'd rather be behind the wheel than in the backseat. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
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#9. Allow me to serve you, Safiya. We have spent too many years apart." "And I have spent too many hours between meals." A glare. "Give it to me now, Polly, or I shall castrate you with a fork. - Author: Susan Dennard
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#10. It's real important to enjoy your turn. - Author: Shirley Maclaine
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#11. When you have a special gift you don't realize it because you think everyone else has the same gift. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#12. For too long, I've made my past my future, afraid to imagine anything else. And I acted like that - static - afraid of my own kinetic energy. Maybe it's time to start imagining, maybe it's time to be in motion. Maybe it's time for me to fight back against the sadness inside of me. - Author: Jasmine Warga
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#13. When you break life down, it's about 100% time management. - Author: Dana Gould
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#14. When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver! - Author: Brene Brown
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#15. When it's hard and you are doubtful, give more. Or, as Deuteronomy says, "Give liberally and be ungrudging when you do so, for on this account the Lord your God will bless you in all your work an din all that you undertake." (15:10 NRSV) - Author: Francis Chan
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#16. Since I'm a man of my word, I don't show up at her door. I do end up driving over to the trailer park with my SUV. Parking, I crawl into the backseat, play tunes on my phone, and doze as close to my woman as I can manage without breaking my promise. - Author: Bijou Hunter
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#17. Volvo is like a mysterious, beautiful woman. We just look at her from far away, amazed. We don't dare get close to her. We're just a bunch of farm boys. - Author: Li Shufu
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#18. Wake Me Up when September Ends - Author: R.J. Palacio
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#19. We must not let the things we can't do keep us from doing the things we can do. - Author: Richard L. Evans
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#20. What do you suppose makes all men look back to the time of childhood with so much regret (if their childhood has been, in any moderate degree, healthy or peaceful)? That rich charm, which the least possession had for us, was in consequence of the poorness of our treasures. - Author: John Ruskin
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