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#1. We didn't underestimate them. They were just a lot better than we thought. - Author: Bobby Robson
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#2. What we have to do as a nation, and London as a city, is to get behind that figure and think what we are doing. - Author: Ian Blair
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#3. I've been recognized very seldom. I think I just look different in person than I do as the character. - Author: Aaron Stanford
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#4. Not a word of my writing has ever been changed by another person's hands, and I don't think many screenwriters can say that. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#5. They say that dog is man's best friend, and I think it's true. My dog does a lot of the same stuff my best friend does, like drool on my couch, mooch my food and hump my wife. - Author: Brad Wilkerson
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#6. Kiernan leans forward. "I'm guessing that's because you can make it work, Mr. Houdini. Maybe that's how you manage . . ." He pauses when my kick lands on his shin, but finishes the sentence anyway. ". . . some of your more elaborate escapes. - Author: Rysa Walker
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#7. The sacrifice of selfish privacy which is daily demanded of us is daily repaid a hundredfold in the true growth of personality which the life of the Body encourages. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#8. Giving is the secret of abundance. - Author: Sivananda
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#9. There should be resolutions adopted in top international institutions, which are binding on all states and governments in the world, to forbid the defamation of religions. - Author: Hassan Nasrallah
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#10. I would beat you, but Jesus has already exposed your lies. - Author: Trevor Noah
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#11. He who understands philosophy understands laughter. That mysterious Word at the beginning, mentioned in the Bible, is a divine guffaw. - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
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#12. O, undoubtedly yes, and very potable so, but one who deeper thinks will always bear in the baccbuccus of his mind that this downright there you are and there it is is only all in his eye. Why? - Author: James Joyce
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