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Top 14 Baby Pics Funny Quotes

#1. Live without seeing, but be what you are. - Author: Louis Braille
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#2. To keep a faith pure, man had better retire to a monastery. - Author: Walter Lippmann
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#3. Self-respect. It would make me lovable. And it's the secret to good sex. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#4. We can be encouraged knowing that our daily actions and words are declaring Christ to the world. - Author: David Jeremiah
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#5. Nathan, how can you stand playing the same piece over and over again?" And Grandpa Nate answered, "Why don't you ask me how I can stand making love to the same woman over and over again? - Author: E.L. Konigsburg
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#6. I've been trying so hard not to think his name, not to even breathe the idea of him - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#7. Whenever someone dies everyone says, I love that guy, except for Jeffrey Dahmer. - Author: Pauly Shore
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#8. People complain about their griefs and sorrows and how they pray to God but find no relief from pain. But grief itself is a gift from God. It is the symbol of His compassion. - Author: Sarada Devi
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#9. The CIA's resources should be focused on monitoring terrorists in caves-not polar bears on icebergs. - Author: John Barrasso
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#10. I usually avoided any form of getting ready on Saturdays-the process just took away from the magic of being lazy. - Author: Shannen Crane Camp
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#11. [When asked how someone 6'3 had dared take up golf:] I was too tall to make the chess team in my high school, so I tried golf. - Author: Carol Mann
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#12. We judge people until we finally find something wrong with them. - Author: John Bailey
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#13. Men don't care what's on TV. They only care what else is on TV. JERRY SEINFELD - Author: Christopher Ryan
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#14. The Interpretation of the Laws of Nature in a Common-wealth, dependeth not on the books of Moral Philosophy. The Authority of writers, without the Authority of the Commonwealth, maketh not their opinions Law, be they never so true. - Author: Thomas Hobbes
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