Top 5 Babaeng Papansin Quotes

#1. Everything around a writer, or musician in the record business, probably everything in all the United States or in all of western civilization, is about competition.

T Bone Burnett

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#2. I recognized exactly where she was - that state where you're able to hold it together as long as absolutely no one talks to you or touches you with any amount of sympathy.

Jen Nadol

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#3. Obsession is just what those too timorous to follow an idea through to its logical conclusion call determination.

Iain M. Banks

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#4. The studio didn't ask them to learn their trade, they just worked them, and when that personality or that gimmick or whatever they had ran dry at the box office, they were dropped and out.

Jackie Cooper

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#5. anytime you enjoy the sweet fruits of the tree, remember the dirty roots of the tree

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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