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#1. By dividing the people of God as clergy and laymen, we have made the latter a majority of lame men. - Author: Richard P. Stanley
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#2. With strength you can move rocks.
With faith you can move mountains.
With love you can move the world. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#3. My verses stand gawping a bit. I never get used to this. They've lived here long enough. - Author: Hugo Claus
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#4. One of the rewards of success is freedom, the ability to do whatever you like. - Author: Sting
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#5. People in fashion treat it as a business ... I guess Hollywood is a business, too, but you talk about story: you talk about a more artistic world than in fashion. - Author: Stephanie Szostak
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#6. My friends I now leave, not knowing when, or whether ever, I may return, with a task before me greater than that which rested upon Washington. Without the assistance of that Divine Being, who ever attended him, I cannot succeed. With that assistance, I cannot fail. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#7. Converting the Internet into a system of surveillance thus guts it of its core potential. Worse, it turns the Internet into a tool of repression, threatening to produce the most extreme and oppressive weapon of state intrusion human history has ever seen. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
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#8. I'm the kind of person that believes that I would like to be evaluated by my entire career and my entire life, not two words that I would misspeak and then later apologize for. - Author: Kirk Cameron
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#9. Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also. - Author: Carl Jung
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