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#1. Hey what's your name"
"Candi." She's hesitant, like that beaten dog Jade mentioned. "Candi Woodward."
"I'm Ayla Monroe."
She laughs uneasily. "I know."
"Out, Candi Cane," Jane orders. - Author: Roxanne St. Claire
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#2. To proceed, I imagine life as a film being screened by an incompetent projectionist. - Author: Matthew Belmonte
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#3. Some questions had no right answers, only shades of wrong, and people couldn't live in black-and-white. Sometimes there were pops of glorious color, and on other occasions, gray was the only visible hue. - Author: Ann Aguirre
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#4. It was time. One breath - another. She was the heir of fire. She was fire, and light, and ash, and embers. She was Aelin Fireheart, and she bowed for no one and nothing, save the crown that was hers by blood and survival and triumph. Aelin - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#5. Brun, this is the man Ayla saw as whole. This is the man who set her standard. This is the man she loves and compares with her son. Look at me, my brother! Did I deserve to live? Does Ayla's son deserve to live less?" The - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#6. The one thing I do know is that I'm the best Taylor Hawkins drummer there is, and that is all I can hope to be. And when it comes to music, musicianship and skill, there is no such thing as better or worse because so much is personal opinion, and I can see that now. - Author: Taylor Hawkins
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#7. I don't find the business easy. The moment you start talking about the business, you start sounding like someone in Spinal Tap. - Author: Robert Wyatt
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#8. When you click on a link, you are replicating the string of code that it links to. Replication of code sequences isn't life, any more than replication of nucleotide sequences is, but we know that it sometimes leads to life. - Author: George Dyson
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#9. To reach your potential you must grow. And to grow, you must be highly intentional about it. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#10. Ayla, I looked for you all my life and didn't know I was looking. You are everything I ever wanted, everything I ever dreamed of in a woman, and more. You are a fascinating enigma, a paradox. You are totally honest, open; you hide nothing: yet you are the most mysterious woman I've ever met. - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#11. The earth and sky are like two mirrors facing each other. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#12. Ayla, what am I doing wrong?" he asked, standing in front of her, dripping. "It's not you. I'm the one who's doingit wrong." "You're not doing anything wrong." "Yes I am. I've been trying all day to encourage you, but you don't understand Clan gestures. - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#13. But there is much to be said for giving up ... grand ambitions and living the most ordinary life imaginable. - Author: Walker Percy
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#14. I want you to be scared. I want things to be messy, and complicated, and difficult. I want you to feel, and I want you to know I'm the one making you feel, that I'm the one making it mean something. - Author: Chanel Cleeton
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#15. You weren't being punished. You were waiting for me. - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#16. We should never shy away from the challenges that face us out of fear of failure or an unwillingness to battle the odds. We should confront our problems head on and make no excuses. - Author: Kyle Maynard
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#17. Ayla should have been the son of my mate. Brun to Broud, Clan of the Cave Bear. - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#18. Great Mother!I can't believe it!Now I understand."(Mamut)
"I do not understand," Ayla said - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#19. Ayla just didn't seem like a woman who was about to join and establish a new hearth with a man she loved. There was no joy, no excitement. Something was missing. Something called Jondalar. - Author: Jean M. Auel
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#20. She loved him, more than she could ever find words for, but this love he felt for her was not quite the same. It wasn't so much stronger, as more demanding, more insistent. As though he feared he would lose that which he had finally won. - Author: Jean M. Auel
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