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Top 12 Awkward Series Quotes

#1. When I was in my early twenties I didn't have a need to rub together, back when my life was a series of wants and whims. But recently I had felt overwhelmed by longings that seemed to lunge out of me in the most awkward situations. - Author: Tyne O'Connell
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#2. Once in a while, usually when Ewen wasn't even trying, he would solve a mystery, and that was a great and extraordinary feeling, the way he imagined birds would feel as they swooped across the sky. - Author: Erika Johansen
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#3. Girls like dudes that are overweight. I know too many women who say, "I like you now that you've got a little thicker," and I don't really know any woman that says, "I like you now that you've got bald." - Author: Chadwick Boseman
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#4. My father says that there is only one perfect view - the view of the sky straight over our heads, and that all these views on earth are but bungled copies of it. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#5. I don't spend a lot of time judging anyone I play. Even if their function in the script is to be the villain, I concentrate on what their perspective of the events is. Not even to justify them. - Author: Peter Sarsgaard
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#6. It's not the events that shape my life that determine how I feel and act, but, rather, it's the way I interpret and evaluate my life experiences. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#7. A medium of communication is not merely a passive conduit for the transmission of information but rather an active force in creating new social patterns and new perceptual realities. - Author: Leonard Shlain
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#8. I do not have the money anymore. It was all yours, after all. I slipped the check into the silk lining of the coffin when I kissed you good-bye for the last time. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#9. There is no more respected or influential forum in the field of journalism than the New York Times. I look forward, with great anticipation, to contributing to its op-ed page. - Author: Ted Koppel
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#10. Making people laugh is one of the highest achievements you can have. And when you can make someone laugh and cry, alternatively, as Chaplin does - now that's the highest of all personal achievements. I don't know that I aim for it, but I recognize it as the supreme goal. - Author: Elliott Erwitt
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#11. My life is not so much a life, as a series of awkwardnesses. - Author: Scott Talbot Evans
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#12. It's not knowing that's killing me. Not knowing if there's a chance that something can change, not knowing if there's hope at all. - Author: Beth Revis
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