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Top 11 Austrian Proverbs Quotes

#1. In a conquered country benevolence is not humanitarianism. It is a general political axiom that a conqueror must not inspire a good opinion of his benevolence until he has demonstrated that he can be severe with malefactors. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#2. Everybody is a little insane on some points - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#3. I do believe that children are all blessings from god. And I feel it's all positive, it's positive experience. You know, I don't like to dwell on any of the negative. And - a lot of people do. - Author: Nadya Suleman
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#4. Memorials become relics if they do not stir our modern conscience. - Author: Henry Waxman
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#5. Influence is the new power - if you have influence, you can create a brand. - Author: Michelle Phan
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#6. A programming language is a tool that has profound influence on our thinking habits. - Author: Edsger Dijkstra
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#7. We've already been reincarnated about a million times, maybe. It doesn't make sense any other way. - Author: Willie Nelson
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#8. If anyone had a right to lecture people about their sin, it was the sinless son of God. If even he could meet sinners as equals, how much more should we Christians
all sinners ourselves
treat as equals the people we encounter in our lives? - Author: Justin Lee
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#9. Truth is so much more interesting than the fiction we're used to. - Author: Casey Neistat
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#10. I'm a great fan of Carey Lowell's and I loved Jill Hennessey. - Author: Elisabeth Rohm
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#11. In my view, the money is poorly spent and given willy-nilly to people unlikely to get on the winning rostrum. - Author: Geoff Capes
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