Top 14 Assward Quotes

#1. Gosh, was I wrong. Never listen to a pundit. Is there such a thing as "magnetic back-assward"? We pundits and commentators have had our compass needles pointed in that direction for the past eighteen months. Want a stock tip? I would

P. J. O'Rourke

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#2. It's all about how I feel about things. I never expect much, I always felt like I obey my heart.

Rickson Gracie

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#3. He starts spanking me again. In between the spanks, he's talking to me. "I'm not interested in making love to a perfectly trained doll, Sara. I want a real, live woman in my dungeon and in my bed.

Tara Crescent

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#4. A reality show isn't unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, then," Mr. Bennet said. "In that they both require nominations.

Curtis Sittenfeld

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#5. I'm not even sure whether I'm missing my mother, or simply the old routine of my life: a life of school and playdates and rules that kept me safe; boundaries and borders; bath time and curfews.
A simple life.

Lauren Oliver

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#6. It is said that the offender never forgives. Certainly it is quite explicitly hard for the one in the wrong to do so. And it takes more spiritual asset than continued alcohol often leaves.

Louise Jordan Miln

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#7. Nothing could be worse, Thoreau wrote, than to come to the end of life and "discover that I had not lived.

Dale Salwak

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#8. New York is full of creative people, not only in fashion.

Donatella Versace

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#9. The undue influence of money on our politics is like a cancer underlying other cancers, the issue underlying all other issues.

Marianne Williamson

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#10. The heart is a museum, filled with the exhibits of a lifetime's loves.

Diane Ackerman

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#11. But separation of church and state was never meant to separate God and government.

Roy Moore

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#12. Luckily we never injected because both of us were totally scared about needles. So that probably saved us. And the other thing that saved us was our connection was not very good.

Yoko Ono

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#13. And her laugh was enough to make you want to kick over what you were doing and follow her down the street.

Donna Tartt

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#14. I think one of the big questions for many [Bernie] Sanders supporters is, are [Hillary Clinton's] words and what's written in paper going to actually come to pass when she is elected president? That's, I think, the greatest worry for many Sanders supporters.

Jonathan Tasini

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