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Top 14 Arthur Guinness Quotes

#1. Why wilt thou be so sottish, such an enemy to thyself, as to prefer puddle-water, and that poisoned too and stolen, before pure living waters out of thy own well? - Author: Matthew Henry
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#2. The main reason I did 'Captain America' was because I wanted to get out of my own head and stop taking my work so seriously. - Author: Hayley Atwell
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#3. I hope all you young girls see yourself up there ...
We were just like you. - Author: Mia Hamm
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#4. Grace headed in desperation for the coffeemaker. Apparently it was going to be one of those mornings. Funny how often those happened after a short night's sleep. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#5. I want to be in the studio. I want to be doing something. You just do whatever is at hand, and you don't even worry about whether it's going to be interesting or not interesting to anybody else-or even yourself. You just have to make something. - Author: Bruce Nauman
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#6. Intelligent or not, we all make mistakes and perhaps the intelligent mistakes are the worst, because so much careful thought has gone into them. - Author: Peter Ustinov
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#7. No matter how busy you are make time to eat at a table. A desk is not a table. - Author: Pat Falvey
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#8. Unless you find the fundamental cause and treat that, the same problem will surface later on in a different form. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#9. Service ... Giving what you don't have to give. Giving when you don't need to give. Giving because you want to give. - Author: MC Frontalot
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#10. I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY - Author: George Orwell
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#11. You're delusional." "Am I? Did I only imagine the need pulsing through your magic as you kissed me back?" "Kissed you back? Please. I was trying to push your tongue away. - Author: Ella Summers
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#12. Get that strait jacket that Heidenreich had and put it on Lita! - Author: Jerry Lawler
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#13. Rounder Records decided to call the album Move It On Over, much to my chagrin but they knew what they were doing. It took off and to this day I can't figure out why. - Author: George Thorogood
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#14. It's not that gays and diversity equal high technology. But if your culture is not such that it can accept difference, and uniqueness and oddity and eccentricity, you will not get high tech industry. - Author: Richard Florida
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