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Top 50 Army Father Quotes

#1. There was no room in God's army for the coward heart, no crown awaiting him who put mother or father, sister or brother, sweetheart or friend above God's will. Let the church cry amen to this! - Author: James A. Baldwin
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#2. I was brought up by an Episcopalian father and Presbyterian mother in nondenominational Army chapels all over the world and never really had much religious experience. - Author: Sally Quinn
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#3. My father had risen in the British Army under the revolutionary aegis of General Montgomery, who was mad about training for battle, not muddling into disaster. - Author: Nigel Hamilton
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#4. I am a soldier in my father's army. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
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#5. From 1967 to '70, Nigeria fought a war - the Nigeria-Biafra war. And in the middle of that war, I was 14 years old. We spent much of our time with my mother cooking. For the army - my father joined the army as a brigadier - the Biafran army. We were on the Biafran side. - Author: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
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#6. So I fight for a Father who I never loved, against a brother that I did. I defend an empire that never wanted me against an army that would have taken me in a heartbeat. - Author: Chris Wraight
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#7. My father was in the Army and we moved around a lot, and one of my favorite places was the library. - Author: Suzan-Lori Parks
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#8. Stealing is what the army does. Taking your father, and mine. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#9. I'd had a French education for three years, my father being in the army. From 9 to 12, I went to French school. I've been sort of part of the culture, part of the geography, since I was quite young - the imprint was there. - Author: Charlotte Rampling
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#10. What is the death of a soldier even off duty of an occupying army walking in an occupied territory against the death of a little boy screaming in terror in his father's arms Where is the equivalence - Author: Linda Grant
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#11. My father was in the army, and you know not to talk about things on the telephone that you wouldn't want to hear transmitted. - Author: Tom Parker Bowles
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#12. We went from crop to crop, field to field. And my father had that army truck, a 1940s army truck from Fort Bliss, El Paso. - Author: Juan Felipe Herrera
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#13. I've lived in 11 states, but I'm not an Army brat. My father couldn't hold a job, so every six months, we'd move. - Author: Geneva Carr
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#14. In the summer of 1952, when I was 30, the Army assigned me to an infantry unit fighting in Korea. Meanwhile, though, there was other news in my family: My father had become the Republican presidential nominee. As an ambitious young major, I refused any offers for other assignments. - Author: John Eisenhower
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#15. My father is a retired army captain and banking software salesman, and my mother is an English teacher. - Author: Jim Parrack
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#16. I grew up in Hollywood during WWII, and my mother was afraid that my father was going to be drafted because she didn't think we were going to be able to live on army pay. She didn't want to have to get a job, so she decided to put me to work, and that's how I got started in the movies. - Author: Karolyn Grimes
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#17. I grew up all over the world. My father was in the army and was posted to a new place every two and a half years. I have no geographical roots. - Author: Juliet Stevenson
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#18. My father had wanted to be a commercial artist. He got as far as being a photographer in the army in World War II, but he was always a Sunday painter. At a certain point, he gave me his oil paints and I messed around with them, having no idea what I was doing. - Author: David Salle
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#19. My grandmother on my father's side, a nightclub singer, was a Jewish refugee from Prussia who ended up in Jerusalem, where she met my grandfather - a British army officer. I remember as a child having bowls of chicken soup made by her. There were lots of interesting components, like feet and necks. - Author: Jamie Cullum
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#20. Maybe it's time to stop being a soldier and go home to be a father. And a husband for Deanna. I'm not sure how. - Author: David Bellavia
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#21. The male role models I had all seemed to have been in the military. My father served in the army. My uncle was in the Marine Corps. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. There weren't any career soldiers in my family, but when I was young it seemed like a way of arriving at adulthood. - Author: Kevin Powers
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#22. My father-in-law was once Chairman of Military Affairs in the Senate, the latter part of the Wilson Administrations. He knew a lot about and was fond of the Army. - Author: Stuart Symington
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#23. My father was often away with the army, or in London, but mum did a lot of the cooking. She never liked cakes - not baking. Meat. Fish. That's what she did. - Author: Tom Parker Bowles
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#24. Father was an atheist; he had even joined the Skeleton Army - a club of men who went about in masks or black faces, with ribald placards and a brass band, to make war upon the Salvation Army. - Author: A.E. Coppard
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#25. I've always had a keen interest in the world. My father was in Patton's 3rd Army, and he helped liberate Dachau in the 7th Army. - Author: Ed Royce
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#26. My father was an army champion boxer ... in the British army. And so he loved boxing and talked it up as a sport. But then when my brother and I were beating the crap out of each other, he was always trying to tone it down. But I am a fan of boxing. - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#27. The constant movement of a military life can be tough on children. My father was an officer in the army, and I was forced to change elementary schools six times. - Author: Kim Young-ha
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#28. If, like Harry Keogh, I could talk to the dead - God, there are an awful lot of people I would like to speak to! Not least my father. Being in the army for 22 years, I didn't see enough of him, and I know there are a great many things I could have learned from him. - Author: Brian Lumley
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#29. My father was furious with me, absolutely furious. I'm sure he wouldn't have been so mad if I'd have volunteered to join the army. Anything but this. He couldn't believe it. I agree with him: It wasn't a viable career opportunity. - Author: Mick Jagger
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#30. My mother was always deeply attracted to anything medical, and I think she would have loved me to have been a doctor. My father was in the army for 21 years, came out just before I was born. There was no history of showbusiness on either side of the family, but they were completely supportive. - Author: Lindsay Duncan
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#31. After all it was my father who founded the Burmese army and I do have a sense of warmth towards the Burmese army. - Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
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#32. I didn't know a thing about Oxford and had never been to Britain. My father suggested it because in 1939 he had been about to take up a place at Wadham College, but the war broke out, and he joined the Army instead. - Author: Tariq Ali
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#33. My Mother is Swedish and my Father is Scottish, he played for Charlton in the 1960's and was in the Army, he captained the British forces team. We then moved to S.A. because a lot of players did that at the time. - Author: Richard Gough
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#34. My parents, fleeing a repressive regime in the Dominican Republic, were embraced by this country and taught us to love it in return. After my father served proudly in the U.S. Army, they settled in Buffalo, N.Y., and were able to live the American Dream. - Author: Thomas Perez
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#35. I was born into a middle class family in New Jersey. My dad came home from serving in the Army after having lost his father, worked in the Breyers ice cream plant in Newark, New Jersey. Was the first person to graduate from college. - Author: Chris Christie
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#36. My father was in the army, and there wasn't too much money. Yet, we learnt to enjoy the small pleasures of life, to look at the positives. - Author: Suresh Raina
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#37. Well, my father was in the Army and we traveled quite a bit when I was growing up, and I thought that I would like to have a military career, although I was drawn more towards the Navy. - Author: Marc Garneau
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#38. I do hang on to things. I was so happy my father saved his army jacket. I grew up wearing that all through high school. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
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#39. We'll free as many as we can and build an army in the forest. It might take years, but I won't rest until every last Calorin is gone from these shores and my father is restored to the throne. - Corin - Author: Claire M. Banschbach
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#40. I was born in Munich, and my father was stationed in Salzburg. For the first three years of my life, I lived in Austria back when the American Army was still in Austria. I grew up subsequently in posts around the country around veterans. - Author: Rick Atkinson
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#41. I grew up in a time when people believed in duty, honor and country. My grandfathers were both officers. My father was a General in the Air Force. My brother and I were both in the Army. I've always felt a kinship with soldiers; I think it's possible to support the warrior and be against the war. - Author: Kris Kristofferson
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#42. My father was a doctor, an army cardiologist. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#43. My father served as an Army doctor in West Germany in the late '50s and early '60s. As a result, he and my mother - both native southerners - were acutely aware of what had happened during the Holocaust. - Author: Greg Iles
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#44. I got active in this business of politics and self-government in 1958 when my father, who was serving in the U.S. Army, took us to the battlefield of Verdun. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#45. I had a mixture, my father was a career army man and my mother was a writer. - Author: Bill Griffith
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#46. The reason I'm not more political is because I have music. And from a young age, I needed it. After prison, my father came to America, joined the Army, fought in Vietnam - and was exposed to Agent Orange. He died a slow, horrible death. Music was my escape. - Author: Gloria Estefan
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#47. Like any parents, mine wanted me to have a secure job with a regular wage and career prospects. And the one job my father knew of, that he'd had experience of himself, was the army, so he could help me in that direction. - Author: James Blunt
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#48. My father thought that if I was to go into the army, at the least I would have a reliable paycheck at the end of each month with which to feed my family. Music is less assured. One could say more dangerous! - Author: Vieux Farka Toure
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#49. My greatest accomplishment is succeeding in life, and I owe that to my family and twenty years in the military. I don't regret leaving the farm and ranch for the Army. Although I may have been a disappointment to my father, I achieved more than he could ever dream of in his short life. - Author: Tom Johnson
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#50. In my mind's eye, my chess pieces had grown into lines of dark-skinned men marching forward, being beaten by a white army and crumpling one by one into my father's waiting arms, bloodstains blossoming across their shoulders. (32) - Author: Padma Venkatraman
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