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#1. Between the shores of the oceans and the summit of the highest mountain is a secret route that you must absolutely take before being one with the sons of the Earth.

Khalil Gibran

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#2. Whether you have a leadership title or not, you have the potential to either lead your organization beyond all expectations or inhibit its growth through entropy.

Simon T. Bailey

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#3. most companies book their revenue at the point inventory is shipped to distribution.

Chad Smith

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#4. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to all animals and even some people.

Wentworth Miller

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#5. Some people hate the smell of hospitals. I hate the smell of jails and prisons, all the same: stale cigarette smoke, Pine-Sol, urine, sweat, and dust.

Ann Rule

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#6. Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote. The relative positions to be assumed by man and woman in the working out of our civilization were assigned long ago by a higher intelligence than ours.

Grover Cleveland

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#7. A man who drinks too much on occasion is still the same man as he was sober. An alcoholic, a real alcoholic, is not the same man at all. You can't predict anything about him for sure except that he will be someone you never met before.

Raymond Chandler

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#8. I had never felt like that before, as if there were a sort of curse, a merciless force in the light that shone on a world where life is borken and lost, where each new day takes something from the day that precedes it, where suffering is inmovable ...

Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio

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#9. Love is not something people feel, but something people try to express no matter how they feel.

Frank Pittman

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#10. The delicacy that respects a friend's silence is one of the charms of life.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

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#11. Anyone who's tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard.

Sherrod Brown

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#12. All great and successful people stayed alone with themselves to develop their gift

Sunday Adelaja

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#13. Before Kady was born, I didn't think having a kid would be such a big deal. My attitude was simple: Babies are nice, play with them, put them in the closet until the next time.

Tim Allen

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