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#1. This imbalance causes resentments within the over-responsible and dependency with the irresponsible person and this dynamic becomes the destructive life-pattern not conducive to happy families.

David W. Earle

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#2. My dogs.
Bill Blass, after being asked "Who or what is the greatest love of your life?" by Vanity Fair magazine

Bill Blass

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#3. I remembered back to leo's burial and holding your hand. I was eleven and you were six, your hand soft and small in mine. As the vicar said 'in sure and certain hope of the resurrection of eternal life' you turned to me, 'I don't want sure and certain hope I want sure and certain Bee.

Rosamund Lupton

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#4. I knew I was going to do a country album one day. But I was just trying to figure out for the life of me, what we were going to do to make it different, unique.

Lionel Richie

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#5. The love of God invades me, the peace of God pervades me, the will of God persuades me, and I am wholly His.

E. Stanley Jones

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#6. It's a tough world out there, and women can't afford to be weenies.

Laura Schlessinger

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#7. The less we read, the more harmful it is what we read.

Miguel De Unamuno

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#8. Unfortunately, most gun control advocates are not really interested in rational debate, and their political games simply send Alice chasing white rabbits down holes.

Bob Barr

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#9. It's not about experience, Kel. It's about knowing the person you're kissing.

Cassie Mae

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#10. In contrast, the a/theistic approach can be seen as a form of disbelieving what one believes, or rather, believing in God while remaining dubious concerning what one believes about God (a distinction that fundamentalism is unable to maintain).

Peter Rollins

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