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Top 13 April Fools Prank Quotes

#1. We can say with certainty - or 90% probability - that the new industries that are about to be born will have nothing to do with information. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#2. So, what do you know about life when you're eighteen? The rest of your life is nothing but a bunch of big beautiful tomorrows. - Author: Lauren Abrams
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#3. I took my play very seriously, and I got way, way lost in my play world. - Author: Michael Keaton
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#4. My dad was a magician too. Got in his car and disappeared. - Author: Cath Crowley
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#5. There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey. - Author: John Ruskin
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#6. A small state increases by concord; the greatest falls gradually to ruin by dissension. - Author: Sallust
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#7. Photography is a foreign language everyone thinks he speaks. - Author: Philip-Lorca DiCorcia
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#8. One October day in 1976, a Cuban airliner exploded over the Caribbean and crashed, killing all 73 people aboard. There should have been 74. I had a ticket on that flight, but changed my reservation at the last moment and flew to Havana on an earlier plane. - Author: Stephen Kinzer
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#9. It is not the practice, now will I allow subversives to get away by insisting that I've got to prove everything against them in a court of law or [produce] evidence that will stand up to the strict rules of evidence of a court of law. - Author: Lee Kuan Yew
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#10. Does he know about me? George wonders; do any of them? Oh yes, probably. It wouldn't interest them. They don't want to know about my feelings or my glands or anything below my neck. I could just as well be a severed head carried into the classroom to lecture to them from a dish. - Author: Christopher Isherwood
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#11. I can't see anything - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#12. There is only the here and now. The past is gone, forgotten. - Author: Tom Robinson
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#13. For me, certain shots or scenes are keys in the movie. - Author: Sam Mendes
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