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Top 11 Apple Cinnamon Quotes

#1. I always make my favorite pancakes with milk, and I also add some fruit - like a banana or apple with some cinnamon sprinkled on top. I also sometimes put peanut butter on my pancakes! - Author: Gabriela Isler
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#2. We are discovering today that several of the premises which are deeply ingrained in our way of life are simply untrue and become pathogenic when implemented with modern technology. - Author: Gregory Bateson
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#3. There is no place i'd rather stay especially if it means more of your apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast. Preferably served in bed by you completely naked, but i'm flexible. - Author: Christina Tetreault
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#4. Killing me will not end your grief. It will only create more of it. - Author: Elizabeth Carlton
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#5. Mother took the pie out of the oven and it hissed fragrant apple, maple, cinnamon steam through the knife cuts in the top crust. She was making her world beautiful. She was making her world delicious. It could be done, and if anyone could do it, she could. - Author: J.J. Brown
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#6. For something warm, try adding cinnamon sticks and nutmeg to apple cider simmering on the stove. You'll get the added benefit of making your home smell amazing. - Author: Clinton Kelly
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#7. Everyone's got to have a dream ... It's not reaching your dream that counts. It's going toward them. - Author: Cher
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#8. Geekiness is that feeling of overwhelming passion for that thing in life that you focus on. Whether it be a nephew's first few steps or the timbre in one's voice when discussing the latest Cohen brothers film. - Author: Harry Knowles
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#9. Worry about him? I never even heard of him. - Author: Ron Clarke
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#10. The thing that I've always been slightly frustrated with, was that the idea of a CD is kind of confined to a material possession that you can put on a shelf. And the idea of music, for me, is always about both the communication and the sharing of content. And so the interactive part is missing. - Author: Yo-Yo Ma
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#11. Gee, thanks." I couldn't sound more sarcastic, but I was willing to give it a try. My breathing evened out. "What are you here for, then? Tea and cookies?" My mouth wanted to water. He smelled like cookies. Cinnamon ones, with dabs of apple-pie filling. - Author: Lili St. Crow
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