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#1. Repentance is not completed by a single act, it must be incorporated into our mind, till it become a fixed state, arising from a continual sense of our need of it. - Author: Hannah More
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#2. At times Sophie sang songs for her that she had learned on the streets. Sometimes she still remembered verses that her parents had sung for her before they died. But they were only scraps, fragments from the past, linked to the hazy memory of a friendly face or laughter. - Author: Anonymous
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#3. I do think that at least when we're thinking about ourselves as living, conscious, human beings we are dynamic wholes. - Author: Alva Noe
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#4. A person with a melancholy temperament had been fated with both an awful burden and what Byron called "a fearful gift." The burden was a sadness and despair that could tip into a state of disease. But the gift was a capacity for depth, wisdom - even genius. - Author: Joshua Wolf Shenk
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#5. Hate doesn't last. Love does. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#6. I believe that one of the saddest things in the world today is that some people don't have enough food to nourish themselves. It's the 21st century and that's really not acceptable, so if I could do something that would change that I would be really happy. - Author: Izabel Goulart
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#7. Let me not mar that perfect dream
By an auroral stain,
But so adjust my daily night
That it will come again. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#8. Youth isn't wasted on the young, literature is. - Author: Julia Claiborne Johnson
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#9. The man who is admired for the ingenuity of his larceny is almost always rediscovering some earlier form of fraud. The basic forms are all known, have all been practiced. The manners of capitalism improve. The morals may not. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
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#10. [Maisie]: ... going out for luncheon with a gentleman is definitely not the same as going out to dine in the evening. [Billy]: You get more grub at dinner, for a start - - Author: Jacqueline Winspear
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#11. Accomplishing something provides the only real satisfaction in life. - Author: Thomas A. Edison
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#12. you sugar cravings is seeking other sources of pleasure. It's not the sweet that our brain urges us to give it - it's satisfaction. - Author: Dylan McGregor
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#13. With age brings wisdom; with youth brings innovation. Combine the two and they are unstoppable. - Author: Ocian Hamel-Smith
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#14. The world was made of miracles, unexpected earthquakes, storms that came from nowhere and might reshape a continent. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#15. In Brazil there are more Avon ladies than members of the army. In the United States more money is spent on beauty than on education or social services. - Author: Nancy Etcoff
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