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#1. Yeah, but before anything, I think in 6 years somehow I've grown up to have a beautiful home, 2 beautiful stepchildren, a beautiful husband, my family is healthy and happy. I'm financially ok and I do what I love for a living. That's what I think, and I think god, how did I get so lucky. - Author: Angelina Jolie
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#2. My best friend is the most important girl, outside of family, to me. I met her when I went to college and we bonded immediately. I'd do anything for her at any time. We phone each other every day. - Author: Dawn French
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#3. My mother was always deeply attracted to anything medical, and I think she would have loved me to have been a doctor. My father was in the army for 21 years, came out just before I was born. There was no history of showbusiness on either side of the family, but they were completely supportive. - Author: Lindsay Duncan
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#4. The thing is, I don't take anything for granted anymore - my family, my music, you name it. - Author: Alex Lifeson
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#5. I use myself as a template for my comedy. So first my background as a Muslim man, my being a doctor, I talk about my family quite a lot, my kids. Anything that resonates with me I talk about. The important thing is it should be able to work in a family setting. - Author: Riaad Moosa
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#6. That's what I do this for, to secure my family's future. I don't care about anything else. I'm able to spoil people, and that's the best thing. - Author: Conor McGregor
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#7. It's always been family first for me. No matter how well my career goes, nobody here will ask anything of me. I'm just another Dunn to them. - Author: Adam Dunn
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#8. I am not preparing myself or my family for anything but life. - Author: Michael Zaslow
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#9. I wouldn't trade anything for family time. To me, it is more important than everything else, and I have a very deep-rooted belief in it, which is influenced by my Jewish faith. That's a very great source of who I am and what I believe in. - Author: Felicity Kendal
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#10. I want you to understand something: I am loving father who would do anything for his kids, whether they are mine or belonging to others in my family. - Author: Corey Taylor
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#11. I love my family, I'll do anything for them. - Author: Toni Braxton
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#12. I came from a poor family. My father was from Glasgow, Scotland; my mother's brothers were brakemen on the railroad. We didn't have anything but mush for breakfast. - Author: Mickey Rooney
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#13. I love anything to do with cooking, from watching the Food Network to reading recipe books by Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Levi Roots. My favourite types of cuisine are Asian and Caribbean, and I love cooking new recipes for my family. - Author: Jourdan Dunn
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#14. [bookcover:Lessons Learned|13578440] Another shot, and for some reason, I'm the only one who can't move. Who can't scream. Who can't do anything but watch as the young man's body slumps over his tray. Finally, I find my voice and scream his name. - Author: Sydney Logan
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#15. I was busy with my family, my budding career as a TV writer, my antipathy for the Los Angeles Lakers, and my general reluctance to engage in anything that might force me to leave my comfort zone. But sometimes ideas won't let you go. For me, educating girls was like that. - Author: Richard E. Robbins
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#16. I grew up in Manchester in a big Irish family - there are seven of us in all - so my life has always been about role-playing, about doing anything for a laugh. I'm always joking about; that's the way I am. - Author: Shayne Ward
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#17. Why would I want to help them (the T -Wolves) win a title? They're not doing anything for me. I'm at risk. I have a lot of risk here. I got my family to feed. - Author: Latrell Sprewell
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#18. I've been vegetarian for so long now that I don't remember anything different, so it's easy for me to put meals together and make sure my family is eating healthy, too. - Author: Christina Applegate
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#19. I'm not trying to win an award for being the best vegetarian, just want to be healthy. Take a salt bath. Do things that my parents were never able to do. I'm blessed to do anything I want, so I decide to take the best care of my body and my family in the same way. Holistically. Vitally. - Author: Erykah Badu
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#20. When Michael (Jackson) died, it felt like part of my family died. I want [my fans] to know that my music is for them and if, god forbid, anything happened [to me], it would be like a piece of them is gone. - Author: The Weeknd
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#21. I have been running for so long. Since before all this even started. Even back in the Stilts, I was a runner. Avoiding my family, my fate, anything I didn't want to feel. And I am still racing now. From those who would kill me - and those who would love. - Author: Victoria Aveyard
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#22. I've wanted to be an actor for such a long time that I haven't had anything else in my thoughts. I think my family would have quite liked me to be a lawyer. - Author: Ed Speleers
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#23. I think about my family first. I want my family to not want for anything. I would like to make sure they have no worries. - Author: LaDainian Tomlinson
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#24. I'm happiest at home hanging out with the kids ... Having a family has been my saving grace because I don't work back to back on anything or I'd drive myself to an early grave with guilt and worry for my family, whom I'd never see. - Author: Jude Law
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#25. I'm an actress. I'm not putting my life on the line for any great cause. I don't step out too boldly about anything except my children and family. - Author: Kelli O'Hara
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#26. I never had time to do anything for myself. I've always had to subordinate my energy and time to the demands of my husband and children at any given moment. And now old age has crept up on me and I have used up all my mental and physical strength on my family ... - Author: Sophia Tolstaya
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#27. My mother never made me do anything for my brothers, like serve them. I think that's an important lesson, especially for the Latino culture, because the women are expected to be the ones that serve and cook and whatever. Not in our family. Everybody was equal. - Author: Dolores Huerta
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#28. I'm fearful and anxious for my family in ways that I've never been fearful or anxious for myself. I'm completely vulnerable to their pain, both physical and emotional. It's wild. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. - Author: Mark Deklin
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#29. I'm fortunate enough to have learned not to waste time getting frustrated with my kids, or co-workers, or friends and family for not doing everything I wish they would. If someone doesn't respond to me the way I want them to, I understand that it doesn't have anything to do with me. - Author: Chandra Wilson
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#30. I love art more than anything in the world except for my family. - Author: Sylvester Stallone
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#31. I will describe the choices I made, continue to take responsibility for my decisions, and express my remorse to Judge Salas and the public. I am heartbroken that this is affecting my family - especially my four young daughters, who mean more to me than anything in the world. - Author: Teresa Giudice
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#32. In my family, there was one cardinal priority - education. College was not an option; it was mandatory. So even though we didn't have a lot of money, we made it work. I signed up for financial aid, Pell Grants, work study, anything I could. - Author: Eva Longoria
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#33. I soak up personalities and energy. I can identify with anything because truthfully everything that makes up the world is characterized in some way in my family I feel, so my empathy is strong for mankind in general. - Author: Aeriel Miranda
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#34. Growing up in the rural south, my family didn't look like our neighbors, and we didn't have much. There were times that were tough, but we had each other, and we had the opportunity to do anything, to be anything, as long as we were willing to work for it. - Author: Nikki Haley
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#35. No, I was two years older than the other guys. I was a war baby. My family were a lot poorer than they were. I'd had to fight too hard for anything I had in my life and to smash things up for me. - Author: Roger Daltrey
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#36. We do not demonstrate against anything. Our group is about being for something, never against. No antis except on my family tree. - Author: Julia Glass
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#37. I know when my life is over my writings will live on, perhaps in a story or maybe a sweet love song. You see, I do not write for glory or to get anything for free. I just sit down and I write, because it makes so much sense to me. - Author: Terri F. Williams
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#38. At thirty-five, having spent over twenty years running varied businesses for my family, I decided to sit down and write my first novel. I had never written anything longer than a couple of pages till then and was foolishly attempting to write a hundred-thousand words. - Author: Ashwin Sanghi
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#39. I went to boarding school in the country, so there's no real differentiation between family and friends. I went there from when I was 8 until I was 17 - it was insane. If you earn my friendship, you are my family, and I'll do anything for you. - Author: Jamie Campbell Bower
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#40. My family has had a lot of trouble with cancer in particular. There are a lot of great causes out there but for me to pick one I would say anything that is cancer related. - Author: Casey James
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