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#1. No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star. - Author: Diana Peterfreund
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#2. I'd want to bring a flamethrower to faculty meetings. The preciousness of academics and their fragile personalities would not be tolerated in any other business in the known universe. - Author: Nic Pizzolatto
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#3. To improv-nerd-out for a second, it's like the most aggressive yes-anding you can do - if someone's like, "Yeah, you're super thin, right?" And you just pull that into a character and do seven more episodes of the podcast and remember to bring that up. - Author: Jon Gabrus
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#4. In our circle, stress was a valuable status marker: I stress, therefore I am. - Author: Antonella Gambotto-Burke
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#5. Language shapes consciousness and from consciousness, our world is shaped. - Author: Antonella Gambotto-Burke
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#6. When I was born, my dad and my mom gave me names, but in Africa, when your child is born, especially close family members can suggest names they want to add on. Maybe your grandmom and your grandpop have something to add to the name of the child. - Author: Dikembe Mutombo
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#7. For years, I had used these fractured men to justify my cynicism and workaholism, and the grief, insomnia and casual anorexia were no longer of any interest to me. - Author: Antonella Gambotto-Burke
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#8. The rest of dinner was an ordeal. When Adam looked at Signora Docci, he saw Professor Leonard; when he looked at Antonella, he saw himself kissing her in the garden; and when he looked at Harry, he found himself wondering if one of them had been adopted. - Author: Mark Mills
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#9. Because Mateo Torres is loud, and I'm quiet. Because he's reckless, and I'm cautious. Because he belongs everywhere, and I don't.
Because I think I'm in danger of falling in love with him. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#10. Throughout history, the most brutal cultures have always been distinguished by maternal-infant separation. - Author: Antonella Gambotto-Burke
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#11. The purpose of life, is to find a purpose every step you go. - Author: Antonella Molfino
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#12. Some men are born to be killed. - Author: George R R Martin
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#13. Repudiating the vulnerability I felt had wrecked the lives of women around me, I modelled myself on my controlled father. I wanted his freedom and his focus. To him, a family was an aquarium: controlled, contained. To the women I knew, a family was everything. - Author: Antonella Gambotto-Burke
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#14. Maternal/child attachment is mostly eroded in increments. The separation begins in hospitals, where mothers are not only made to feel inferior to medical professionals in relation
to their infants, but regularly separated from their infants. - Author: Antonella Gambotto-Burke
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#15. It's okay to wander. - Author: Tony Dungy
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#16. There was a time when 'universe' meant 'all there is.' Everything. The whole shebang. The notion of more than one universe, more than one everything, would seemingly be a contradiction in terms. - Author: Brian Greene
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#17. The way Grey speaks, one would think she had been garlanded in rubies and peonies rather than the semen of men who address her with a contempt that borders on revulsion. - Author: Antonella Gambotto-Burke
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#18. What is a unicorn without his horn?" (Antonella)
"A white horse?" (Adam)
Antonella smiled. "A very unhappy white horse. - Author: Mark Mills
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