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#1. You rarely get a tentpole that has this much emotional depth, this much character to dive into. - Author: Gary Ross
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#2. I've learned to turn life's setbacks into opportunities for creation. - Author: Benyf
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#3. Yes, aiji-ma." "What is this agreement? You are most valuable when you argue, paidhi! Do not say yes to me!" "I shall most strenuously object when you are wrong, aiji-ma. You have been infallibly right at least this last hour." "Ha. - Author: C.J. Cherryh
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#4. Vote? What's so fun about voting? You should never vote, everyone knows that. If you vote and your guy wins you can't later complain because you helped put him there. That's why I never vote, so I can later complain. - Author: Sergio De La Pava
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#5. In 49 countries around the world, including all of Europe, people have the opportunity of knowing whether or not they are eating food which contains genetically engineered ingredients. In the United States, we don't. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#6. The value of hatred and ignorance is found in the fact that without them we could never truly appreciate wisdom and love. - Author: Wes Fesler
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#7. A detective is only human. The less of a detective, the more human he is. Henry was not much of a detective, and his human - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#8. She comes majestic with her swelling sails, The gallant Ship: along her watery way, Homeward she drives before the favouring gales; Now flirting at their length the streamers play, And now they ripple with the ruffling breeze. - Author: Robert Southey
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#9. I want Barack Obama for president. I love Obama. I call Palin the helicopter huntress from hell! I want my children to have a wonderful future, and it's disturbing when I look around. Americans aren't very well-liked. A likable president would be a great start. - Author: Pamela Anderson
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#10. I'm one of those people who think that stories should have a beginning, a middle and an end, and then they're over, and then you tell the next story. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#11. Work is the most nourishing thing so far in my life. - Author: Carol Kane
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#12. Anger was essential because otherwise I was just tremendously sad. Bitterness and anger provided harvestable energy, something on which to focus, something through which to work. Sadness simply left me adrift. But - Author: Penny Reid
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#13. Not everyone will become a great leader, but everyone can become a better leader. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#14. In both business and personal life, I've always found that travel inspires me more than anything else I do. Evidence of the languages, cultures, scenery, food, and design sensibilities that I discover all over the world can be found in every piece of my jewelry. - Author: Ivanka Trump
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