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Top 31 Anti V Day Quotes

#1. Every day at some point I encounter some sort of anti-American feeling. - Author: Chelsea Clinton
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#2. The tragedy of our day is the climate of fear in which we live, and fear breeds repression. Too often sinister threats to the Bill of Rights, to freedom of the mind, are concealed under the patriotic cloak of anti-communism. - Author: Adlai Stevenson I
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#3. From anti-semite to self-hating jew, all in one day - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#4. Democracies are poor breeding grounds for terrorism and war. - Author: Adam Schiff
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#5. I think that should be the anti - speeding advert it should be footage of Richard Hammond trying to remember his own wedding day. - Author: Frankie Boyle
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#6. For, whatever was the case in de Tocqueville's day, not the passion for egalitarianism but an individualist, that is anti-authoritarian, antinomian though curiously legalistic anarchism, has become the core of the value system in the USA. - Author: Eric Hobsbawm
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#7. Each day of war takes us farther from all we could hope to be or do. We gain nothing but heartbreak, and lose everything we cherish. Our lives erode and diminish, our children see no future except a calendar of anguish and death. Our only hope for tomorrow is for peace now. - Author: Lloyd Alexander
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#8. The best thing about the bedroom was the bed. I liked to stay in bed for hours, even during the day with covers pulled up to my chin. It was good in there, nothing ever occurred in there, no people, nothing. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#9. The day of reckoning is not just coming for Saddam Hussein. It's coming for the anti-war movement. - Author: Andrew Sullivan
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#10. Working out for me really depends on my shoot schedule, but I try to move my body every day. I really believe in exercise as an anti-depressant. It's a great way to feel better. - Author: Alysia Reiner
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#11. It was the furthest thing in the world from the rosy-fingered dawn of poetry and old Technicolor movies; this was an anti-dawn, damp and as pale as the cheek of a day-old corpse. - Author: Stephen King
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#12. Testosterone in this room is going to either make me go nuts or grow a pair; frankly I don't want to do either. - Author: Kristen Middleton
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#13. I used to play bass for a while and got to the point where I was good enough to be in a shitty band. - Author: Christian Finnegan
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#14. You wouldn't want them to know that in your heart, you are proud, and maybe even haughty, and are riven by thoughts the revelation of which would show everyone how deeply Not Nice you are. - Author: Claire Messud
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#15. In the day-to-day, farm work is stress relief for me. At the end of the day, I love having this other career - my anti-job - that keeps me in shape and gives me control over a vegetal domain. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#16. I read books more than I go out. As a matter of fact, I get a little concerned about some of my anti-social habits. I will choose a night with Somerset Maugham or Russell Banks over a crowded bar any day. - Author: Julie Bowen
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#17. We cannot and must not sit back and let the anti-biblical world system determine the prevailing values of our day. - Author: Bill Bright
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#18. For cleverness and wisdom are as different as are the circuitous passages of a labyrinth and the straight, upward flight of a bird. - Author: Evangeline Walton
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#19. Let us be under no illusion. The Jewish spirit, which was responsible for the alliance of large-scale capital with Marxism and was the driving force behind so many anti-Spanish revolutionary agreements, will not be got rid of in a day. - Author: Francisco Franco
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#20. It is in fact no exaggeration to say that we live in terror that Senator McCarthy will one day make some irreparable blunder that will play directly into the hands of our common enemy and discredit the whole anti-Communist effort for a long while to come. - Author: Whittaker Chambers
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#21. I can't believe a war against drugs when they have anti-drug commercials on TV all day long followed by This Bud is for you. - Author: Bill Hicks
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#22. I'm anti-Valentine's Day. I don't believe - and this goes for anybody - your man shouldn't love you for one day out of 365. He should love you 365 days out of the year. I want Valentine's Day every day. - Author: Carrie Underwood
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#23. When I grew up, scientists were anti-social people who worked in basements and wore coats and worked with bunson burners, and now they're in our technology every day, and our technology has almost become fashion accessories. - Author: Johnny Galecki
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#24. She was supportive, didn't pry or expect anything from me, and sensed when I needed my space. If she were a guy, I'd probably date her. Or, if I were a lesbian. And if she were a lesbian. I guess we'd both have to be lesbians for that to work. Regardless, she made a pretty great friend. - Author: Temple West
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#25. The best anti-aging advice I've ever received? Drink a lot of water and have a plant-based diet. I also do mindful meditation with my daughter every day. It takes ten minutes. I think reducing stress plays a big part in anti-aging. - Author: Carolyn Murphy
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#26. I wish I could read a couple of thousand words a day. Words written by someone else for a change! - Author: A. Louise Robertson
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#27. It was V-day and I was stuck at home while the guy I was dating was at an Anti-Valentine's Day party. How wrong was that? It was one thing to be totally alone on V-day, but another to want to be with someone who would rather spend the evening protesting love instead of making it. - Author: Kate Madison
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#28. My granddad was an evangelist, and my grandma, she was as tough as nails. She watched 'American Bandstand' every day when she was in her 80s, 90s. She loved rock music. I never had anyone in my family that was anti-rock n' roll. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#29. Writing in the voice of an American slave felt like I was biting off something very large. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#30. I've said it since the day he made the sacrifice to hit the campaign trail: Voters crave the anti-status-quo politician. Everything about Donald Trump's campaign, it's avant-garde. He is crushing it in the polls. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#31. It only takes a day to change someone from an anti-intellectual to an intellectual by persuading him that he might be one! - Author: Edwin Land
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