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#1. Movies. Drinks. Headless chickens. You know, girl stuff. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#2. Don't be afraid of failure. That's not an easy lesson for teenagers - especially teenage girls - to learn. Our society sends us a lot of messages that imply we're supposed to be ashamed when we fall short. But I think we should be throwing each other failure parties! - Author: Reshma Saujani
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#3. The creative destruction that social media is currently unleashing will change more than technology or the leader board of the Fortune 100. It is driving a qualitative shift in the nature of relationships between brands and their customers. - Author: Simon Mainwaring
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#4. Imagination may be the most essential, uniquely human capacity - creating both the dead-end crises of our time and the doorway through them. - Author: Bill Plotkin
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#5. As you age you learn even to be happy with what you have. That's one of the few good points of growing older - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#6. My view of life is, that it's next to impossible to convince anybody of anything. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#7. Call the fire department," I said, trying hard to stay calm.
"On it." Bess said, digging into her pocket. "I'll text 911."
"Don't text, call!" I said, feeling my heart pounding in the chest. - Author: Carolyn Keene
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#8. Principles are a dangerous form of social dynamite. - Author: Katharine Anthony
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#9. We walk around carrying Closed signs around our necks while we press Open to our chests and wonder why the doorbell never rings. - Author: Shinji Moon
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#10. Content is power in today's world, and if you can own that content, create it and make interaction more of an experience than a transaction, you create a different kind of loyalty. - Author: Mindy Grossman
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#11. There is nothing that can throw you off your study plan faster than a murder on campus, even if the person murdered is someone you wouldn't mind never having to lay eyes on in this world or the next. - Author: Morty Guggenmoose
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#12. It's hard if you're just touring constantly. It's like, "What am I going to write about? I'm in the van, I'm playing another show ... " I'm still writing about heartbreak that happened years ago. I don't see the point of writing and putting out another record until I can do something else. - Author: Sharon Van Etten
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#13. God's best work occurs in the margins. If we have the courage to step into that wide-open space, God will meet us there. - Author: Lisa Nichols Hickman
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#14. Never offer your heart
to someone who eats hearts
who finds heartmeat
but not rare
who sucks the juices
drop by drop
and bloody-chinned
like a God. - Author: Alice Walker
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