Top 13 Anthropomorphised Quotes

#1. Cats are anthropomorphised in art because they are so laid back that you automatically attribute human thoughts and feelings to them.

Jim Davis

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#2. Any Wall Street advertising that does not go into the boring details of methodology is most likely to be pushing past performance.

Barry Ritholtz

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#3. The pale sword came shivering through the air

George R R Martin

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#4. [When] I was young and I listened to everything - I took everything to heart. I didn't really realize how much people want to talk badly about you when you're down, or kick you when you're down. As basketball players, people think everybody's ultra-confident. But that's not the case.

Blake Griffin

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#5. With Amaryllis in Blueberry, Christina Meldrum has woven a beautifully layered, intensely emotional story, with unforgettable characters whose voices will remain with you long after their secrets have been revealed.

Michelle Richmond

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#6. I was thinking I might want to study public health, but I was also thinking I might want to move to the forest and eat berries and mushrooms and hibernate with the bears in the winter.

Lauren Holmes

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#7. Persecution is a tribute the great must always pay for preeminence.

Oliver Goldsmith

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#8. It took me a while to find myself.

Waris Ahluwalia

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#9. What impressed me most about New York were its huge apartment houses.

Ethel Waters

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#10. Of all the mental and physical polluters of life, nothing exercises such a poisonous effect as fear.

Elbert Hubbard

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#11. The first day of training in Big Bear, it felt like somebody put a plastic bag over my head. After eight weeks up there, I feel very strong.

Tavoris Cloud

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#12. I think one of the things about creativity is not to be afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Sydney Brenner

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#13. Suffice it to say that a global theological discussion will have little patience for ivory-tower theology and armchair theologians aloof from the realities facing ordinary Christians.

Craig Ott

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