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#1. Most of us spend so much time thinking about where we have been or where we are supposed to be going that we have a hard time recognizing where we actually are. - Author: Barbara Brown Taylor
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#2. I have an incredible role model in my mom. She was a single mother raising two kids in New York. - Author: Kim Raver
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#3. Indeed, a quick glance around this broken world makes it painfully obvious that we don't need more arguments on behalf of God; we need more people who live as if they are in covenant with Unconditional Love, which is our best definition of God. (p. 21) - Author: Robin R. Meyers
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#4. Who is the ally of the coach? Who's going to write, 'Man, that was a well-coached game.' Players win, coaches lose. - Author: George Karl
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#5. No sacrifice which a lover would make for his beloved is too great for us to make for our enemy. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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#6. Only those who are truly aware of their sin can truly cherish grace. - Author: C.J. Mahaney
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#7. The doubter's doubt is faith; his temptation is belief, and it is a temptation that has not been entirely quelled, even in a secular age. - Author: James K.A. Smith
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#8. Spend regularly and constantly two or three hours of the morning in study and retirement. I do not take upon me to prescribe what you shall employ yourself about. I only propose the passing two or three hours of the twenty-four in private. - Author: David Berman
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#9. I'm not a particularly religious person, but that feeling of getting transmissions from someplace else, even if it's from your own consciousness, is very, very real. To me, at least. - Author: John Hodgman
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#10. I love to watch someone who just goes for it and isn't worried about whether it's silly or awkward or unflattering. - Author: Melissa McCarthy
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#11. Work indeed has many more benefits than money. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#12. And whatever my weight, I've always been skinny from the waist up. - Author: Joely Richardson
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#13. I reach now for a victim who is not easy for me to overcome: my own past. Perhaps this victim will flee from me with a speed that equals my own. Whatever, I seek now a victim that I have never faced. And there is the thrill of the hunt in it, what the modern world calls investigation. - Author: Anne Rice
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#14. Who's famous anymore? No one. There are these comedians that are famous in a weird way. There are comedians, like Anjelah Johnson and Russell Peters, [who] are unbelievably famous, but in a way they're selling out 1,000-person stadiums. - Author: Moshe Kasher
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#15. The first tape I got was Madonna's 'Immaculate Collection.' I'm inspired by the way she started from nothing and didn't have a big musical talent, but had a big dream. - Author: Lykke Li
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#16. Relaxing, going on vacation, sleeping, having fun when I want, golfing when I want, do whatever I want - I am going to enjoy it. - Author: Landon Donovan
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