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#1. If you want to be treated like a mother, act like one. - Author: Jeannette Walls
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#2. Science is the best thing humans beings have ever come up with. And if it isn't, science will fix it. - Author: Bill Nye
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#3. The knowledge that life is worthless is the flower of all human wisdom. - Author: Thomas Ligotti
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#4. The only person who determines the thoughts you choose to believe about yourself, is you. - Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
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#5. Unfortunately, I'm drawn to a rare species of bad boy exterior/good guy interior. Give me a Harley Davidson and a pair of aviators and I'm weak in the knees."
"I have a Harley," he blurted
"I know - Author: Lucy McConnell
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#6. If you wish to live exactly as you please, the Angkar will put aside a small piece of land for you. - Author: Pol Pot
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#7. I'm going through an evolution. I'm completely cleaning out my closet. I'm purging, because I saw that show 'Hoarders.' I had a sweatshirt from sixth grade, and I'm going, 'Why do I hold on to this?' - Author: Fergie
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#8. My wife and I have chosen to bring up our children as vegetarians. In another time or place, we might have made a different decision. But the realities of our present moment compelled us to make that choice. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#9. If someone is very hungry, the Angkar will take him where he will be stuffed with food. - Author: Pol Pot
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