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#1. Ask, could my gifts, education, career, or experience be used to spread the gospel where it's needed most? - Author: David Platt
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#2. it makes at least as much sense as belief in a god who will reward or punish us when we die based solely on whether we believed in his unlikely existence when we were alive. - Author: Anonymous
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#3. Success is measured simply by the amount of effort we put forth, in conquering our objectives. - Author: Robert M. Hensel
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#4. Galleries are becoming overwhelmed with psychedelic music/art. I like it; it's a good direction, a new blurring of the lines between what you do. - Author: Brian Chippendale
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#5. Corn! Corn! Corn! - Author: George R R Martin
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#6. Risk managers and investment bankers and actually, all kinds of investors took on more risk than they expected. So there was a failure of risk management. There was a failure to recognize how much risk there was in some of these securities that people bought. - Author: Robert F. Engle
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#7. We came here to pick up chicks, not talk about dicks. - Author: J. B. Smoove
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#8. Science, for me, gives a partial explanation for life. In so far as it goes, it is based on fact, experience and experiment. - Author: Rosalind Franklin
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#9. How amazing that the language of a few thousand savages living on a fog-encrusted island in the North Sea should become the language of the world. - Author: Norman St John-Stevas, Baron St John Of Fawsley
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#10. An irrefutable proof that such single-celled primaeval animals really existed as the direct ancestors of Man, is furnished according to the fundamental law of biogeny by the fact that the human egg is nothing more than a simple cell. - Author: Ernst Haeckel
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#11. We spend more on cows than the poor. - Author: Gordon Brown
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