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Top 13 Andrea Zittel Quotes

#1. There's this privileged position of being an artist where you can do things on a more experimental nature simply to see what happens. - Author: Andrea Zittel
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#2. Perfection can never be attained by work. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#3. Perfection of planned layout is achieved only by institutions on the point of collapse. - Author: C. Northcote Parkinson
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#4. I actually started to think a lot about the difference between a creative gesture and a noncreative gesture. I decided that all gestures were creative. Because you always have to make a decision at some point. - Author: Andrea Zittel
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#5. Yet we choose to remember history very selectively, favoring foresight over failure. - Author: Thomas Rid
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#6. I used to agree with Kurt Vonnegut, who said that the human race has a snowball's chance in hell of being around a hundred years from now. - Author: Pete Seeger
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#7. The true seeker hunts naught but the object of his quest, and the lover has no desire save union with his Beloved. - Author: Baha'u'llah
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#8. I'm so drawn to the frontier mentality and that idea of having to figure everything out from scratch. - Author: Andrea Zittel
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#9. Books are like oxygen to a deep-sea diver," she had once said. "Take them away and you might as well begin counting the bubbles. - Author: Alan Bradley
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#10. The creation of rule is more creative than the destruction of them. Creation demands a higher level of reasoning and draws connections between cause and effect. The best rules are never stable or permanent, but evolve naturally according to context or need. - Author: Andrea Zittel
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#11. Love is the first wisdom in life. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#12. In the ignorance that implies the impression that knits knowledge that finds the nameform that whets the wits that convey contacts that sweeten sensation that drives desire that adheres to attachment that dogs death that bitches birth that entails the ensuance of existentiality. - Author: James Joyce
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#13. One who takes shelter of the Supreme Lord has nothing to fear, even in the midst of the greatest calamity. - Author: Anonymous
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