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#1. The real cause of personal existence is not the favor of the Almighty, but the sexual love of one's earthly parents. - Author: Ernst Haeckel
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#2. Nevertheless there are certain peaks, canons, and clear meadow spaces which are above all compassing of words, and have a certain fame as of the nobly great to whom we give no familiar names. - Author: Mary Hunter Austin
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#3. You are not your father," I say, holding his gaze with my own. "You're Anded. You don't have to follow in his footsteps; you have your own. You're the Elector now. You don't have to be like him. - Author: Marie Lu
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#4. This is the part that Anden doesn't understand as well as I do, even if he knows Day's past on paper - he still doesn't know Day, hasn't traveled with him and witnessed the suffering he's gone through. - Author: Marie Lu
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#5. Worrying about how you'll be remembered is pointless. Better to try to live your life in such a way that people will respect you while you're still alive. - Author: Charles Cumming
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#6. The cause of anger lies in our thinking - in thoughts of blame and judgment. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
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#7. But every human path leads on to God;
He holds a myriad finer threads than gold,
And strong as holy wishes, drawing us
With delicate tension upward to Himself. - Author: Edmund Clarence Stedman
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#8. It is good to be different, because difference is great; that's what this music is based on. But lose that energy between the audience and the players, and you have nothing. - Author: Andrew Hill
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#9. My dad once told me, he was like, 'The only time you should lie is when someone's holding a gun to your head and says 'Okay, lie or I'm going to shoot you.' And that really stuck with me. - Author: Jaden Smith
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#10. Without his father's shadow in a way, he's beautiful. - Author: Marie Lu
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#11. It's time to repeal gun bans everywhere in the United States. - Author: John Longenecker
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#12. There is something inherently manly about climbing a mountain. Though, taken literally, that would make a deep sea dive the most feminine activity on the planet. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#13. The real function of the artist is to give fresh vision to their own generation. - Author: Doris McCarthy
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