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#1. I'd rather people love me or hate me than have no opinion of me. Indifference is scary. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#2. I couldn't exactly storm away in anger. I'd just have to close my eyes and shut out the universe. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#3. Trust yourselves, my brethren, to the immortal love and perfect work of the Divine Saviour, and by His dear might your days will advance by peaceful stages, whereof each gathers up and carries forward the blessings of all that went before, to a death which shall be a birth. - Author: Alexander MacLaren
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#4. We had to do what we had to do - Britain is great again. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#5. This Apostolic Church never turned from the way of truth nor held any kind of error. It is imperative that nothing of the truths which have been defined be lessened, nothing altered, nothing added, but that they be preserved intact in word and meaning. This is the true rule of faith. - Author: Pope Agatho
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#6. Where charity keeps pace with gain, industry is blessed. - Author: William Penn
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#7. Life wasn't meant to be decided at once. That's a part of being human; you decided as you go along. Sure, it might make life easier if you have everything mapped out ahead of time but it can also make it pretty dull. - Author: J.L. Paul
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#8. A greater subject fitteth Faustus' wit: Bid Economy10 farewell, and11 Galen come, Seeing, Ubi desinit philosophus, ibi incipit medicus: Be a physician, Faustus; heap up gold, And be eterniz'd for some wondrous cure: Summum bonum medicinae sanitas, The end of physic is our body's health. - Author: Christopher Marlowe
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#9. I feel bad about my struggle, because it is nothing compared to other people's struggles and yet it still hurts. - Author: Melissa Broder
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#10. When I was a single, working mom with a newborn, I learned just how vital it is to have comprehensive, affordable health care. - Author: Claire McCaskill
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#11. Master-morality and Slave-morality. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#12. This industry is very make-believe and you caught in a false sense of what reality is. - Author: Morris Chestnut
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#13. The invasion of Iraq was simply a war crime. Straight-out war crime. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#14. Both Rick and Amelia were impressed with their graceful movements. The Balinese dance was artistic with great expression. The dancers seemed to be telling a story through their fingers, hands and body gestures, including head and eye movements. It was amazing. Every gesture was elegant. - Author: Linda Weaver Clarke
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#15. Fear paralyses you - fear of flying, fear of the future, fear of leaving a rubbish marriage, fear of public speaking, or whatever it is. - Author: Annie Lennox
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#16. I think no athlete wants to end his career on an injury. - Author: Jayson Williams
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