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Top 14 Ancient Greece War Quotes

#1. This terrible smallness of men was bigger than him, bigger than anything. - Author: Dennis Lehane
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#2. Captive Greece took captive her savage conquerer and brought the arts to rustic Latium - Author: Horace
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#3. Feel no fear before the multitude of men, do not run in panic,
but let each man bear his shield straight toward the fore-fighters,
regarding his own life as hateful and holding the dark spirits of death as dear as the radiance of the sun. - Author: Tyrtaeus
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#4. It's dangerous to get calm. You need some nerves to work from, it's good energy. It's not good to have no nerves. You'd fall asleep on stage. - Author: Bob Odenkirk
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#5. I turned to see a young woman with bed hair, wearing a only a thin nightdress. - Author: Nancy B. Brewer
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#6. I'd like to think that all the old Beatle fans have grown up and they've got married and they've all got kids and they're all more responsible, but they still have a space in their hearts for us. - Author: George Harrison
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#7. I think of myself as a political idiot. Idiot, in ancient Greece, denoted a common person without access to knowledge and information--all women, by definition, and most men. I am unable to make judgments. I see no options I can identify with. Is that normal? - Author: Jasmina Tesanovic
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#8. Culture is fundamental. Literature saves you. Cinema saves you. - Author: Lea Seydoux
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#9. Eww, he said. I almost said the same thing, but unlike my brother, I had been annealed in the furnace of Scientific Thought. Scientists do not say such things aloud (although we may think them from time to time). - Author: Jacqueline Kelly
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#10. You must remember that no one can hurt you, use you or take advantage of you unless you allow it. - Author: Santonu Kumar Dhar
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#11. I have a general sense of excitement about the future, and I don't know what that looks like yet. But it will be whatever I make it. - Author: Amanda Lindhout
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#12. No more moving. I'm here. I'm wherever you are. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
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#13. It was to keep it whole. - Author: E. Nesbit
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#14. I still hankered to be back on the racecourse, but getting the funds for yet another assault on the ring was proving difficult. Could I track Sting down? - Author: James Berryman
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