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#1. The best time to plant a tree was forty years ago. The second best time is today. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
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#2. Had my dream again where I'm making love, and the Olympic judges are watching. I'd nailed the compulsories, so this is it, the finals. I got a 9.8 from the Canadians, a perfect 10 from the Americans, and my mother, disguised as an East German judge, gave me a 5.6. Must have been the dismount. - Author: Harry Burns
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#3. Yes," Shannon said calmly. "I could have died. But so what? The stars would have come out tonight and the sun would have risen tomorrow morning. The only difference would be that I wouldn't see it." Shannon to Whip. - Author: Elizabeth Lowell
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#4. 'Call Me' is not an exceptional Al Green album, but it is as solid as a rock at its center. - Author: Jon Landau
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#5. I think I'm the only professional horse rider from the movie industry. Strangely, I've seen no men from the industry at equestrian events. Though I've seen some ladies like Diya Mirza and Lara Dutta at the race course. Women, by the way, make superior horse riders. - Author: Randeep Hooda
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#6. Sometimes the universe collapsed in the blink of an eye.
Other times it limped on and on, hour by hour, day by day, and wouldn't fucking die. - Author: Lisa Henry
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#7. X, n. In our alphabet being a needless letter has an added invincibility to the attacks of the spelling reformers, and like them, will doubtless last as long as the language. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#8. It was a terrible thing to do undergo, but during the year I stood there I had time to think that the greatest loss I had known was the loss of my heart. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#9. No matter what you do, your person comes through. You can't completely change yourself on the screen. I had in mind someone colder and more in control, but I couldn't do it. This human note just crept in and maybe it's better. - Author: Leslie Caron
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#10. I guess I've always been really attracted to period pieces and always felt visually I was probably more made for the '50s or the early '60s than I am for a modern day. - Author: Carla Gugino
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