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#1. The wishing gate opens into nothing. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#2. They say eyes clear with age. - Author: Philip Larkin
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#3. I own more shotguns than I need. But less shotguns than I want. - Author: Phil Gramm
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#4. It is far easier to fight with sin in public - than to pray against it in private. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#5. And now it turns out that women can't even talk like men. Which is a clever way to invalidate women's discourse, isn't it? No wonder women can't do magic; no wonder spirits won't listen to their puny, trivial, voices. It's all woven into the basic structure of the language. - Author: Emily Croy Barker
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#6. Nature seems to welcome defiance of conventions, and to say, with a smile, 'So, the truant has come back again!' ("Absolute Evil") - Author: Julian Hawthorne
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#7. What likelihood is there of corrupting a man who has no ambition? - Author: Samuel Richardson
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#8. However, even the healthiest human heart skips a beat now and then, and so does music. - Author: Michael Pilhofer
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#9. "Our times are in His hands"

~R. Alan Woods [2012] - Author: R. Alan Woods
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#10. The music in a film like this is as critical as anything because Kong is mute. He doesn't talk. - Author: Peter Jackson
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#11. Thought involves a little charlatanism. - Author: Julien Torma
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#12. I thought a forest was made up entirely of trees, but now I know that the foundation lies below ground, in the fungi. - Author: Derrick Jensen
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