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Top 11 Anaconda Nicki Quotes

#1. I've been spoiled by this project. I was given the script and went in to read, realizing that this was a powerful story and one that wasn't told very often.

Wentworth Miller

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#2. I love playing someone who just skates by and does anything she wants.

Holland Taylor

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#3. Confused by the big city blues, he didn't know who's life he's leading. Put yourself behind the wheel, see if you can get that feel.

Robbie Robertson

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#4. My ever-present mania meant I was never phased by staying up twenty hours a day or by the different time zones. I was Superman.

Andy Behrman

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#5. For how can a man stand, unless he have something sure under his feet. Can a man tread the unstable water all his life, and call that standing? Better give in and drown at once.

D.H. Lawrence

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#6. I'd forgotten so many important things. I'd stolen away my own past. It made me feel like a coward.

Suzanne Palmieri

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#7. I had been taking acting classes on and off while I was modeling, so I always had a dream to be in a film.

Rila Fukushima

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#8. Please don't set me free Death means a lot me

Lou Reed

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#9. One of the saddest things about US education is that the wisdom of our most successful teachers is lost to the profession when they retire.

John Dewey

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#10. The President has once again failed us. Millions of Americans are at risk of going without the flu vaccine this year because the administration failed to act proactively to ensure an adequate supply. There is simply no excuse for this.

Jon Corzine

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#11. I've had young women come to me and say that before they watched 'Voyager' it didn't really occur to them that they could be successful in a higher position in the field of science; girls going to MIT, girls pursuing astrophysics with a view to a career in NASA.

Kate Mulgrew

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