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#1. [A] person whose head is bowed and whose eyes are heavy cannot look at the light. - Author: Christine De Pizan
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#2. If wishes were prey, we'd eat like lions come leaf-bare. But we'd die of boredom! You know that's not what the life of the Clans is like. The warrior code guides us through the dark times, the cold and the hunger. And the good times seem all the sweeter for it. Have faith, Bluestar. We'll survive. - Author: Erin Hunter
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#3. I'm not biting my fingernails.
I'm biting my knuckles.
I finished the fingernails months ago. - Author: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
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#4. Cruelty and benevolence are but shades of the same colour. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#5. I've always thought I could use my brain and my heart to jockey everyone around to the good. But life is not jockeyable. When you try, you make people infinitely crazier than they already were, including or especially yourself. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#6. Being able to still make records is a privilege. I don't take it casually. - Author: Tori Amos
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#7. The alternative, no limits on Iran's nuclear program, no inspections, an Iran that's closer to a nuclear weapon, the risk of regional nuclear arms race, and the greater risk of war - all that would endanger our [American] security. - Author: Barack Obama
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#8. I've got over so much. Mum wouldn't want anything to come into my life that would make me fragile again. - Author: Tracey Emin
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#9. There's a general culture in this country to cut all the trees. It makes me so angry because everyone is cutting and no one is planting. - Author: Wangari Maathai
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#10. I still think we have a long way to go on rebuilding a culture of cooking. Everyday simple cooking. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#11. One can only believe entirely, perhaps, in what one cannot see. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#12. The hype that follows me doesn't bug me. I expect more out of myself than anyone else does, that's for sure. - Author: Jason Spezza
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#13. I love writing family stories. - Author: Larry Wilmore
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