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Top 9 Amd Pre Market Quotes

#1. For many years, my formula has been to love yourself, move your body and to watch portion size. But the No. 1 thing is to love and value yourself, no matter what you've been through.

Richard Simmons

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#2. Endings are the embryos of new beginnings.

Gina Greenlee

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#3. There is something sad about clothes laid in a tomb of trunks.

Suzy Menkes

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#4. I placed my new novel, 'The Book of Lost Fragrances', in Paris, knowing it would be a challenge. But the book belonged in the city that is one of the greatest perfume capitals of the world and has been since for more than three centuries.

M.J. Rose

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#5. One cannot live on potatoes alone. It is said that one wants bread with potatoes. And when there's no bread, a Jew takes his stick, and goes through the village in search of business.

Sholom Aleichem

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#6. Hindus, if they want unity among different races, must have the courage to trust the minorities.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#7. I've done everything every fat person ever has. I've tried every diet.

Dolly Parton

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#8. 1970, someone repeated to him something that Karl Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas had said: "Life is walking on the wire; the rest is waiting in the wings.

Neile Adams McQueen

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#9. In business, sometimes you have to change the CEO in order to change the direction of the company.

Thomas Massie

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