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#1. To take all that we are and have and hand it over to God may not be easy; but it can be done; and when it is done, the world has in it one less candidate for misery. - Author: Paul Scherrer
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#2. The trouble with improv is that it is often about being funny in the moment without any real consideration for the bigger picture. - Author: Simon Pegg
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#3. Canadian-American relations for many years did not develop spontaneously. The example of accord provided by our two countries did not come about merely through the happy circumstance of geography. It is compounded of one part proximity and nine parts good will and common sense. - Author: Harry S. Truman
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#4. The word amateur derives from the Latin word amator, which means lover, devoted friend, or someone who is in avid pursuit of an objective. In the original sense, an amateur is someone who does something for the love of it. - Author: Ken Robinson
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#5. Roughly speaking, this hypothesis asks whether drug use causes some of the diseases officially associated with AIDS, such as immunodeficiency and Kaposi's sarcoma. - Author: Serge Lang
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#6. In my 35 years in business I have always trusted my emotions. I have always believed that by touching emotion you get the best people to work with you, the best clients to inspire you, the best partners and most devoted customers. - Author: Kevin Roberts
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#7. A tranquil summer sunset shone upon him as he approached the end of his walk, and passed through the meadows by the river side. He had that sense of peace, and of being lightened of a weight of care, which country quiet awakens in the breasts of dwellers in towns. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#8. There is a particular danger with a war that God commands. What if God should lose? - Author: Garry Wills
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#9. They won't break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart. The day will dawn when all the people of Ireland will have the desire for freedom to show. It is then that we will see the rising of the moon. - Author: Bobby Sands
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#10. Fiction will always be my greatest love, with poetry close behind. - Author: J. Courtney Sullivan
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