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#1. Would you tell Dank that I will alway love him? That I'm sorry that I can't leave here. I'm protecting those I love. But I will think of him every day and I will hum his song to myself every night as I go to sleep. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#2. Peace and love are ever in us, being and working; but we be not alway in peace and in love. - Author: Julian Of Norwich
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#3. People who say they don't have time, in fact have no plans to do anything. - Author: Chandan Sharma
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#4. That is an important part of my success. Another big part of my success is that I hated not to finish a race. - Author: Alain Prost
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#5. See now, how men lay blame upon us gods for what is after all nothing but their own folly. - Author: Homer
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#6. If you know your characters well enough, you aren't trying to grasp for storylines. You're really thinking about their flaws and their passions and what they're chasing. - Author: Felicia Day
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#7. I am blown away that my God, who could do this all by Himself, would choose to let me be a little part of it. - Author: Katie J. Davis
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#8. the bridesmaid's hand in his, "Hazel and I think it would be ripping to make it a double wedding." The - Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
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#9. I haven't written a whole lot of nonfiction, but what I have written leads me to believe that it's an entirely different muscle. The ongoing paradox is that sometimes it's harder to get to the emotional truth of something when you only have the facts at your disposal. - Author: Ron Currie Jr.
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#10. Would anyone choose Hell over Heaven? YES! Why? Pride. They don't want to go in the only way you can go in, on your knees. They don't want to admit they are a failure, that their life is a mess. - Author: Alistair Begg
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#11. That I did always love, I bring thee proof: That till I loved I did not love enough. That I shall love alway, I offer thee That love is life, And life hath immortality. This, dost thou doubt, sweet? Then have I Nothing to show But Calvary. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#12. While Terrorism is a war that starts developing within the mind,
Religion is a war that antagonizes our conscience, but
Love is alway a war within the heart.....
Lori F.5/2002 Share The Peace! - Author: Lori Foroozandeh
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#13. If you ask what people say what American cuisine is, they cannot really do it. I don't know what it is. - Author: David Chang
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#14. Whether you're the best lawyer ...
Or the greatest philosopher ...
There will alway be at least two people that you can never win any argument with ...
Your child ...
And your wife ...
So don't argue with them ...
Just love them ... - Author: Nelson M. Lubao
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#15. The acceptance that all that is solid has melted into the air, that reality and morality are not givens but imperfect human constructs, is the point from which fiction begins. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#16. The universe never did make sense; I suspect it was built on government contract. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#17. Nobody knows what you learned but people comes to know about it through your actions - Author: Waqas Zaki
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#18. A woman findeth in her last lover much of her first love; but a man seeth his next-to-the-last love, alway. - Author: Gelett Burgess
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