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#1. Horse racing is animated roulette.

Roger Kahn

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#2. One of the reasons we don't have our deficit under control is because Republicans are wusses and won't tell their base a simple fact that everyone knows. We can't eliminate the deficit without raising some revenue ... They're wusses.

Ed Rendell

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#3. When you are massively outgunned, you do not fire and give away your position.

Stan Goff

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#4. There has been a marvelous joyous carnival of mourning for Edith Piaf and Jean Coctaeau, and it was real! They died as they had lived, with style and grace and their proper eccentricity; and Paris loves anybody who can live anarchically and be delightful entertainment at the same time. So do I.

Katherine Anne Porter

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#5. The darkness that had come in from the Mediterranean covered the city so detested by the procurator ...

Mikhail Bulgakov

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#6. Writing is only a guided dream.

Jorge Luis Borges

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