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#1. That's my only defense against this world: to build a sentence out of it. - Author: Jim Harrison
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#2. Die before you die, there is no chance after. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#3. I don't want you to be young and beautiful. I only want one thing. I want you to be kind-hearted - and not just towards cats and dogs. - Author: Vasily Grossman
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#4. Since I was the solo artist as well as the writer for the songs, I figured I had enough credits on it already. - Author: Cy Coleman
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#5. It's hard to imagine hate that I am facing from allover the world yet I am not alone with mistakes. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#6. Those who would rule with an iron fist always fear the free expression of opinions by those they would suppress. - Author: Neal Boortz
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#7. What we know oman today is limited precisely by the extent to which we have regarded him as a machine. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#8. Chris Ofili's suave, stippled, visually tricked-out paintings of the nineties, with their allover fields of shimmering dots and clumps of dung, are like cave paintings of modern life. They crackle with optical cockiness, love, and massive amounts of painterly mojo. - Author: Jerry Saltz
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#9. With the shrinking of the US economy, and it's shrinking very rapidly, you not only have more money, but you also have fewer goods. That's a classic double-whammy on inflation. - Author: Arthur Laffer
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#10. Only ask and you will get what you are needing, the rest is up to you. - Author: Eric Clapton
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#11. Basil Fawlty was an easy character for me. For some reason, portraying a mean uptight incompetent bully comes naturally to me. - Author: John Cleese
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#12. Some candidates need to say provocative things that make noise to break through the media muffle and get themselves noticed. - Author: John Podhoretz
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#13. Gervasio Lonquimay - Author: Isabel Allende
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#14. We tried poetry. We tried love. - Author: Edgardo B. Maranan
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#15. Things are never as bad or as good as they seem. - Author: Tony Hsieh
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#16. PiYo gives you hardcore definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength - without weights, without jumps, and without destroying your body. - Author: Chalene Johnson
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