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#1. Rowan waited, knowing she was gathering the words, hating the pain and sorrow and guilt on every line of her body. He'd sell his soul to the dark god to never have her look like that again. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#2. Or, if you don't like the buildings, you can head to FOrest Park. That place is so big, they'd never find you in there. Just think of it: you could start up some big foot sightings. - Author: Devon Monk
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#3. I promise I'll stay as safe as I can. And since Zay refuses to leave me alone, I figure if things get bad, I can always shove him into the line of fire while I run like hell. - Author: Devon Monk
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#4. Instinct told me it was dangerous.
I could handle dangerous. Dangerous and me went back a long way. We did lunch when dangerous was in town. - Author: Devon Monk
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#5. Because the truth wouldn't be comforting and wouldn't bring them closer again. - Author: Ann Brashares
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#6. Okay, that was so far down Creepy Lane that it had intersected with Scaring the Hell Out of Me Avenue. I hated that avenue. - Author: Devon Monk
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#7. be much more friendly to such things that matter most .Things that will propel your vision and ambition to higher heights. Things that will help you enlarge your tentacles. Do not look down on small things however - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#8. Folks around here call us el destinos.
They like to say we came from the stars. And when I stare up at the infinite heavens stretched out above us like a shroud, it's hard to imagine we came from anywhere else. - Author: Leslye Walton
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#9. As an actor, you act in order to make a living. Then, when you can make a living, you start acting because you want to do what you love to do. I need to remind myself of that a lot. - Author: Ty Simpkins
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#10. I don't think bad people realize they're bad people. I bet they think they're good people who occasionally do bad.
Which begs the question ... how much bad can a good person do before being considered bad? - Author: Karen E. Quinones Miller
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#11. You threw Shackle," Terric said. "At his head. With a hell of a lot of magic."
"He was trying to kill you guys. He'd trapped Zay. What did you want me to do, challenge him to a game of dominos? I was supposed to ride to the rescue, right? I rode. - Author: Devon Monk
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#12. If you are you because you are you, and I am I because I am I, then you are you and I am I.
If you are you because I am I, and I am I because you are you, then you and I are not. - Author: Menachem Mendel
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#13. Did you see me carrying a shovel? Of course not physically."
"So what did you do, Allie?"
"I touched him. With Magic. Because, you know, grave robbing is so last season. - Author: Devon Monk
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#14. I would sooner a writer were vulgar than mincing; for life is vulgar, and it is life he seeks. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#15. Magic is a heartless bitch, and she's had me by the throat for years. - Author: Devon Monk
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#16. A choice of pains. That's what living was all about. - Author: Audre Lorde
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