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#1. That was par for the course but I also found that commissions were being canceled and in fact I considered this directly libelous - I write biographies for a living as well as being a journalist - for a non fiction book to be called fiction from beginning to end. - Author: Anthony Holden
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#2. I grew up in a family that was multifaceted, sexually oriented, and pretty much open to everything. And because I was working, my friends were all adults. I had a tough time going to different schools because people knew me from films and I was the fat child who got beaten up every day. - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#3. While writing is like a joyful release, editing is a prison where the bars are my former intentions and the abusive warden my own neuroticism. - Author: Tiffany Madison
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#4. The earliest truth that we're taught is that there's a world alongside this world, with spirits, not mortals, an enchanted universe of fairies, wizards, leprechauns and trolls. They are all around us. One has only to open his eyes. - Author: William Holman Hunt
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#5. The Church's note must be a supernatural note which distinguishes incarnation from immanence, redemption from evolution, the Kingdom of God from mere spiritual process. - Author: Arthur Middleton
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#6. The short-lived crash and burn of an eternal optimist is far more deeply felt than the day-to-day misery of an eternal pessimist. - Author: Gregor Collins
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#7. The only way to belong is to act like you belong. Or to not give a shit whether you belong or not. - Author: Lauren Conrad
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#8. I don't diet per se, I don't weigh myself, I don't look at a number - I haven't done that in probably twenty-five years. I just try to do one of the green drinks nearly every single day, and it's been a long time since I've been sick or anything, so I think it really works. - Author: Jillian Barberie
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#9. Concentrated attention is the collection of units of power on a chosen point of intention. - Author: James Arthur Ray
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#10. They know where happiness lies, not in a cave or a country, but in love and the freedom to give and take what has been there all along. - Author: Amy Tan
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