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#1. We need to get to kids who have no idea what we do. We need to open the doors wide and let them in. There are many undiscovered voices out there - voices that, against all odds, can rise up and enrich this culture and perhaps change the very nature of the marketplace for the better. - Author: Dan Wieden
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#2. Who did you lose?"
This girl is full of questions.
"Nobody." Or everyone - depends how I look at it. People don't really need to die to be gone. - Author: Patricia Vanasse
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#3. I had the chance to witness the evolution of the Nuclear Deal into Dr. Singh's legacy as he assiduously, piece by piece, crafted the Indo-US nuclear deal against all odds, including risking his government. - Author: Sunil Mittal
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#4. Women who bring up children by themselves do it heroically, they do it against all odds, men who don't feel responsible for being part of their child's life create real strains on that family. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#5. Luck, normalcy, fate ... none of those seemed to be on our side. Our very being together went against all the odds. All I knew was that something good had begun. A flame had been lit. And the whole universe was watching to see if it would be blown out.
All I could do was hold my breath. And wait. - Author: Amy Plum
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#6. It was actually very difficult., especially during the first five years of the start-up stage, when all the odds seemed to be against us - this is probably true for most entrepreneurs. To succeed, you really have to put your heart and soul into it. (p. 71) - Author: Injap Sia
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#7. I'm not at all interested in the brave who fight against the odds and win. I am interested in those who accept their lot, as that is what many people in the world are doing. They do their best in ghastly conditions. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
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#8. I've learned that the only things we are in control of are the choices we make at any one given moment. - Author: Patricia Vanasse
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#9. Against all odds, when the 'no' out-weighs the 'yes' faith become the only bridge to your answer - Author: Ikechukwu Izuakor
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#10. I want to lift the audience to the miraculous in human nature. After all, we shouldn't be here, with all the odds against us in nature. It's kind of unusual and wonderful! - Author: Paul Taylor
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#11. But, against all odds, my gigantic ego continues to attempt greatness. - Author: Allie Brosh
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#12. Love is fragile. And we're not always its best caretakers. We just muddle through and do the best we can. And hope this fragile thing survives against all odds. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#13. Hope is when against all odds a tiny flame keeps burning for the possibility. - Author: Tilicia Haridat
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#14. The mouse and his child, who had learned so much and had prevailed against such overwhelming odds, never could be persuaded to teach a success course ... The whole secret of the thing, they insisted, was simply and at all costs to move steadily ahead, and that, they said, could not be taught. - Author: Russell Hoban
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#15. Characteristics of strength and
individuality requires confidence and self-assurance to choose what is right
against all odds. - Author: Lorna Jackie Wilson
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#16. What matters most, is not how my end happens, or if it happens now. What I care about in this instant, is that she knows how much I love her - that I lived long enough to have her love me back. - Author: Emm Cole
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#17. Abhyasa (practice) is a dedicated, unswerving, constant, and vigilant search into a chosen subject pursued against all odds in the face of repeated failures, for indefinitely long periods of time. - Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
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#18. It used to be said all horse players die broke - you can't beat the races. But today, with the Pick 6's and Superfectas, you can. Not that the odds aren't against you, but a good hit, and it's hard to blow that back. - Author: Dick Van Patten
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#19. In the Tarot deck, the Fool is depicted as a young man about to step off a cliff into empty air. Most people assume that the Fool will fall. But we don't see it happen, and a Fool doesn't know that he's subject to the laws of gravity. Against all odds, he just might float. - Author: Richard Kadrey
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#20. Against all odds, I feel a drop of sympathy . . . amidst a sea of hatred." "Khalid. - Author: Renee Ahdieh
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#21. It's never the differences between people that suprise us. It's the things that, against all odds, we have in common. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#22. Malcolm Price embodies all that is Welsh, aside from the green valleys and male voice choirs. The will to win against insurmountable odds is a penchant of the Welsh, put this with a propensity to never say 'die' and that is what makes the Welsh so durable. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#23. It's not the gods But our own hearts We need to fear. The evil starts Against all odds Not there but here. - Author: Vikram Seth
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#24. A lot of Broadway has that immigrant narrative of America as a place where you can become something else against all odds. - Author: Deborah Kass
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#25. 'Press Your Luck' was probably the most exciting because of the unpredictability of the game and how I won on one of the three days on the very last spin against all odds. It was one of those great unpredictable game show moments. - Author: Randy West
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#26. I am doing what is right and from my heart against all odds. - Author: Karen Todd Scarpulla
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#27. Against all odds, some poor presbyopic chump takes a shot at it, maybe so he won't make himself ill by sensing a truth no one else sees. And he falls flat on his face, of course, his truth as incomprehensible and strange as it was to begin with. But at least he's tried. And - Author: Fredrik Sjoberg
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#28. It was the thing that had compelled them to fight for the trail against all the odds, - Author: Cheryl Strayed
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#29. Do not be sad that all odds are against you; be happy that your real purpose is by you - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#30. Time and again, I've met or read about people who succeeded against all kinds of odds because they had passion. You're passion away to win! - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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#31. When we got married, nobody gave it more than two weeks. There were bets all over the country, with astronomical odds against us. - Author: Desi Arnaz
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#32. What this means is that most non-vegans can only imagine what it would be like for them to be vegan, whereas the vegan can actually remember what it was like for her to be non-vegan. And yet, against all societal odds, he lives, thrives, and continues to enjoy food. - Author: Sherry F. Colb
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#33. One of my favorite teams of all time is Fran and Barry. I just thought Fran and Barry last season were just incredible and they just sort of went against all odds and were very successful. - Author: Tom Ford
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#34. The two came to differ on many, if not most, issues. But the man who would single-handedly defy Hitler in 1940 against all odds bears a striking resemblance to the man who organized the first satyagraha campaign in South Africa. - Author: Arthur Herman
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#35. You never know if you can actually do something against all odds until you actually do it. - Author: Abby Wambach
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#36. The new always happens against the overwhelming odds of statistical laws and their probability, which for all practical, everyday purposes amounts to certainty; the new therefore always appears in the guise of a miracle. - Author: Hannah Arendt
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#37. Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds. - Author: Marta
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#38. Passion is the engagement of our soul with something beyond us, something that helps us put up with or fight against insurmountable odds, even at high risks, because it is all worth it. - Author: Janet Hagberg
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#39. I'm so moved when I see everyday Americans standing together, against all odds, to make their lives and communities better - whether it's organizing against big factories polluting their air or against big banks corrupting our economy and political system. - Author: Sally Kohn
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#40. Among the countless people in the world, two will find each other against all the odds and beat as a single eternal heart.
- Not First Love - Author: Jennifer Lawrence
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#41. If you're going to reach for it, reach all the way for it. Albums like 'Purple Rain' and 'Thriller' and those kind of records, you had to reach far above the din of cynicism and modern living to get to that place, against all the odds. - Author: Dave Sitek
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#42. This was the book I read over and over. I really felt so in tune with them- I knew all the dates of their lives, what they had been doing, whre they had been. They were always my heroes, creating something fantastic against all odds, and against their real life. - Author: Christian Tetzlaff
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#43. Now, I do say, "It's possible. You might be the first. I'm not saying it's impossible, but the odds are very much against you." All great poets have been great readers and the way to learn your craft in poetry is by reading other poetry and by letting it guide you. - Author: Edward Hirsch
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#44. Yet, the man never goes slow!
Feted against all the odds.
How? Nobody knows.
Undeterred, unabated, yet uncharted he goes ... - Author: Subhajit Ganguly
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#45. Have you ever hoped for something? And held out for it against all the odds? Until everything you did was ridiculous? - Author: Ali Shaw
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#46. A wise woman knows when to stay silent. However, a wiser woman of faith knows that sometimes words can win the battle, when all odds stand against her. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#47. With four-to-one odds against us, our ability to leave the encounter without serious damage becomes seriously impaired." "Spock," McCoy said gently, "your bedside manner is flawless. You mean, we're all going to be blown to hell." Spock hesitated, then nodded. - Author: Diane Duane
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#48. Quitting is an essential life tool, but nobody wants to be called a "quitter." Society values persistence and celebrates heroes who reach their goals against all odds. Sometimes fear of failure keeps you going even when your goal is unrealistic. - Author: Anonymous
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#49. He'd found himself intrigued by the way she'd weaved the lives of two very different people together, how she played off their strengths and weakness, how against all odds she brought them together and made it seem believable. Even if it was nothing more than make-believe. She was a talented writer. - Author: M.K. Meredith
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#50. I came from a very poor background. I came from children's homes; I came from a violent family, and against all the odds, I succeeded. - Author: DeObia Oparei
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#51. The bravest sight in all this world is a man fighting against odds. - Author: Franklin Knight Lane
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#52. I know the odds are all against us and I know you feel this way too
So I know I would rather die trying to know if I could mean something to you - Author: David Levithan
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#53. Ever notice the word 'rough' in through? There is truth to that, though the way may be rough, we are still able to get through it. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#54. I'm trying to look at my blessings and how amazingly well against all odds things have turned out for me. - Author: James Taylor
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#55. There was no decision to make, really. When, against all odds, the miraculous happened and the spaceship landed for you and the hatch opened, you got on. The end. It didn't even matter if you would wind up as food or taken on a trip to the stars. Some things were worth the risk. - Author: Eli Easton
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#56. It often occurs to me that if, against all odds, there is a judgmental God and heaven, it will come to pass that when the pearly gates open, those who had the valor to think for themselves will be escorted to the head of the line, garlanded, and given their own personal audience. - Author: Edward O. Wilson
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#57. Forgiveness is an embrace, across all barriers, against all odds, in defiance of all that is mean and petty and vindictive and cruel in this life. - Author: Kent Nerburn
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#58. Much of our American progress has been the product of the individual who had an idea; pursued it; fashioned it; tenaciously clung to it against all odds; and then produced it, sold it, and profited from it. - Author: Hubert H. Humphrey
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#59. He understood terrible purposes. They drove against all odds. They were their own necessity. Paul felt that he had been infected with terrible purpose. He did not know yet what the terrible purpose was. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#60. Had [Winston Churchill] been a stable and equable man, he could never have inspired the nation. In 1940, when all the odds were against Britain, a leader of sober judgment might well have concluded that we were finished. - Author: Anthony Storr
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#61. At different stages in our lives, the signs of love may vary: dependence, attraction, contentment, worry, loyalty, grief, but at heart the source is always the same. Human beings have the rare capacity to connect with each other, against all odds - Author: Michael Dorris
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#62. The strongest of all arguments against the interference of the public with purely personal conduct, is that when it does interfere, the odds are that it interferes wrongly, and in the wrong place. - Author: John Stuart Mill
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#63. Against all odds, beyond every logic, there is hope. - Author: Shilpa Menon
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#64. Health care is, at its core, about improving the odds of life in its struggle against death. Of extending that game which we will all lose, each and every one of us unto eternity, extending it another year or month or second. - Author: Keith Olbermann
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#65. But some things did not change ...
Courage, for instance. Dedication to a cause. Comradeship. When they were strong and pure, when they came from deep in the bone, those qualities could hold fast against all odds. - Author: Juliet Marillier
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#66. My company, Against All Odds Productions, has done print on demand; we were the first to do a book with a CD-ROM in the early 1990s. We do custom covers. It's always fun to do something new. - Author: Rick Smolan
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#67. I come from a place, with all due respect, who's never had a music star in hip-hop. So the odds is already against me. - Author: Wale
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#68. He wanted that again, that feeling of standing with her against all odds and succeeding. He wanted it so bad, he was going to risk destroying everything he and his father had worked for. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#69. I find nothing to be more heroic than someone chasing their own dream against all odds. - Author: S.W. Southwick
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#70. Well, the odds must be against anybody being able to fly around the world in a balloon on the first attempt. All of us who are attempting to go around the world in balloons are effectively flying in experimental craft because these craft cannot be tested. - Author: Richard Branson
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#71. Prayer is taking a chance that against all odds and past history, we are loved and chosen, and do not have to get it together before we show up. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#72. I can't explain why I think I can get there, when all the odds are against me. But I do. Even when a big part of me is saying I should give up, I can't. Even when I don't want to keep going, I still do it - Author: Rachel Joyce
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#73. It comes to him that maybe love is always this way, a long-shot gamble: a bet against the odds that some intangible connection--even one so strange as this--will outweigh all the details and triviality of the world that drive people apart. - Author: Matthew Flaming
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#74. I have not survived against all odds. I have not lived to tell. I have not witnessed the extraordinary. This is my story. - Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
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#75. Let the Kez come," Tamas roared. "Let them send their greatest generals after us. Let them stack the odds against us. Let them come upon us with all their fury, because these hounds at our heels will soon know we are lions! - Author: Brian McClellan
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#76. The true signature and perhaps even the miracle of human love is helplessness, and all the more miraculous because it is a helplessness which we wittingly or unwittingly choose; in our love of a child, a partner, a work, or a road we have to take against the odds. - Author: David Whyte
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#77. The past has been there all along, reminding us: This time
maybe, hopefully, against all odds, we will get it right. - Author: Leslie T. Chang
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#78. When your resolve to succeed is unshakable, no 'odds' can stand between you and your success. Look at our parents. In their own way, they have demonstrated before us: how to survive and prosper against all odds! - Author: Vishwas Chavan
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#79. My friend through many dangers. My lover who had healed my broken and weary soul. My mate who had waited for me against all hope, despite all odds. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#80. Recognizing someone as a part of you before they've even become that person in your life, and knowing, without a doubt, that neither of you will ever be who are you in this exact moment ever again and believing, against all odds, you will continue to belong to one another despite that. - Author: Emily Henry
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#81. A Half-Blood of the eldest gods, Shall reach sixteen against all odds
And see the world in endless sleep
The Hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap
A single choice shall end his days
Olympus to preserve or raze. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#82. Spirituality is keeping the spirit up against all odds and obstacles of life. - Author: Amit Ray
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#83. Because when you finally find the one against all odds, you give him your best and let the magic of the world carry the rest. - Author: E. Mellyberry
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#84. When you have a powerful, long-term vision for something, even against all odds and adversity, you will continue to make progress and people will want to get on board. Why? Because everybody wants to be a part of something great. - Author: Robin Crow
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#85. There is a great tradition of independent filmmaking in the U.S. that I absolutely respect. There's some wonderful stuff that comes out in this country against all the odds. - Author: Mike Leigh
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#86. But against all the odds, against even the laws of physics and logic, we did. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#87. One has only to set a loved human being against the fact that we are all in peril all the time to get back a sense of proportion. What does anything matter compared to the reality of love and its span, so brief at best, maintained against such odds? - Author: May Sarton
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#88. Swords. That is no faenorn ; that is slaughter."
The Grand Seneschal shrugged. "The Master did not protest. And, indeed, what weapon could he have suggested that would suit him any better?"
"Fire," she said.
"He would not," said the Seneschal. "You know he would not. - Author: Robin McKinley
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#89. Julian gave his brother a slow, sweet smile. In that smile was all the love and wonder of the little boy who'd lost his brother and against all odds, gotten him back. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#90. Believe in yourself and have confidence that you can compete against all odds. Have a vision of what you'd like to accomplish and be able to articulate that vision. - Author: Robert Johnson
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#91. I suspect the truth is that we are waiting, all of us, against insurmountable odds, for something extraordinary to happen to us. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#92. It was astonishing, really, what people could live through. Flora felt cheered up all of a sudden, just thinking about eating seal blubber and doing impossible things, surviving when the odds were against her and her squirrel. They - Author: Kate DiCamillo
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#93. But think about it: Right from the start the odds are against you. It's kind of amazing that any of us ever get here at all. - Author: Michael Thomas Ford
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#94. The more one knows fairy tales the less fantastical they appear; they can be vehicles of the grimmest realism, expressing hope against all the odds with gritted teeth. - Author: Marina Warner
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#95. She was pregnant. Lightning had not only struck once, it had struck twice. Against all odds, Keisha was pregnant again. - Author: Leo Sullivan
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#96. May we live impossibly," Sebby said when he opened his eyes. "Against all odds. May people look at us and wonder how such jewels can sparkle in the sad desert of the world. May we live the impossible life. - Author: Kate Scelsa
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#97. Take a look at me now, cause there's just an empty space. And you coming back to me is against all odds and that's what I've got to face. - Author: Phil Collins
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#98. The original Zal story by Ferdowsi gives a very moving account of an infant who had all odds against him - he was left to die in the wilderness and a giant, benevolent bird rescued him and became his guardian angel. This tale thrilled me; I've always wanted to write about it. - Author: Porochista Khakpour
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#99. Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem when all the odds were against him. Determination and persistence pulsate through your bloodline. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#100. Every successful person in life began by pursuing a passion, usually against all odds. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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