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#1. I love your eyes, did you know that? I have never seen eyes as green as yours. They put the leaves of the Amazon Forest to shame. And your unbelievably long and dark lashes make them even more startling. - Author: Cristiane Serruya
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#2. Sparkles also make everything better. Well, except alicorn poop."
"I don't know. I think sparkly poop is way better than regular poop."
"That's because you've never fallen into a pile of it. - Author: Shannon Messenger
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#3. Necessity
thou best of peacemakers, As well as surest prompter of invention. - Author: Walter Scott
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#4. God does not exist to answer our prayers, but by our prayers we come to discern the mind of God. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#5. Design can have such a positive impact on the way people live and on their relationships and moods. - Author: Genevieve Gorder
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#6. The best way for a beginner to write for animation is to closely watch animated films, then read the screenplays for them afterwards. - Author: Douglas Wood
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#7. I love the boy you were and the man you have become. - Author: Sarah MacLean
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#8. I'm just not a big fan of the too-cool-for-school indie world. Metal bands have never been invited or been able to be part of the cool kids, and I like it that way. - Author: Scott Ian
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#9. When spontaneity and individuality and really good original stuff occurred in a classroom it was in spite of the instruction, not because of it. This seemed to make sense. He was ready to resign. Teaching dull conformity to hateful students wasn't what he wanted to do. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
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#10. I'm sick of this. Call me what you like, say I'm without honor, I don't care. I'm not getting on any more horses to whack you people with a stick. - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#11. Be careful: they have arms, and no alternatives. - Author: Ryszard Kapuscinski
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#12. She taught me,' said Ta-thea, 'that if you do not have couragem all other virtues may be lost, because you cannot keep even love if you are not prepared to fight for it, to endure the hurt it brings, and hold on, no matter the cost. - Author: Anne Perry
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#13. When we really start searching for the truth in stories, we can find it everywhere, not just in sincere confessions but in the deliberate lies and imagined possibilities, the magic and fantasy, and all the other unreal elements that go into the concoction of identity. - Author: Joanna Scott
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#14. STOP!' Keefe held up his hands. 'Ground rules for this conversation: All talk of alicorn baby-making is off the table
got it? Otherwise I'll have to rip my ears off. - Author: Shannon Messenger
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#15. What are you two doing in here?" Mike Iglehart wore an eye-blistering white lab coat and a surly expression. "This isn't some teenage make-out room."
My face flushed scarlet. "Excuse me?"
"We were using the computer!" Ben barked. "That's it. - Author: Kathy Reichs
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