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#1. There is no movement without our own resistance. - Author: Laura Schlessinger
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#2. I wish I had a river I could skate away on? - Author: Joni Mitchell
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#3. I love horses. There's something practical and mystical about them. - Author: William Shatner
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#4. Tunisian liberals say that the U.S. Embassy in Tunis is unengaged with their efforts to make sure the Tunisian model remains one of expanding freedom. - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#5. I called Kevin Spacey one day about something else, but he didnt say to me calm down, like The New York Times said. Because I was not deranged. - Author: Gabriel Byrne
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#6. Errors were doubtless committed on all sides, delusions set on foot which there was not time to dissipate and means, designed for good ends, perverted to bad purposes. - Author: Martin Van Buren
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#7. Just because we can't find a solution it doesn't mean that there isn't one. - Author: Andrew Wiles
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#8. I don't need handcuffs to enslave a woman. -Ranger to Stephanie - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#9. A woman can't be, until a girl dies ... I mean the sprites that girls are, so different from us, all their fancies, their illusions, their flower world, the dreams they live in. - Author: Christina Stead
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#10. The honor to me has less to do with the award. To me that translates in the relationship that I have with the audience, and if my music is helpful to them, that's the award. - Author: Lauryn Hill
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#11. In the happy land of elegant code and pretty rainbows, there lives a spoil-sport monster called inefficiency. - Author: Marijn Haverbeke
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#12. My father's Jewish, so my world is Jewish whenever I go home. - Author: Ben Feldman
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#13. Tamsen lay listening to the crashing of the waves on the beach, the symphony of the ocean competing with the orchestral maneuvers of the first birds singing in the dawn. - Author: Toni Kenyon
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#14. When I work on something I'm not excited about or not as proud of it as I'd like to be, then I try to work even harder to make the next one and address those insecurities, I tackle insecurities rather than run from them. - Author: David Gordon Green
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#15. Beauty when unadorned is adorned the most. - Author: Jerome
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