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#1. Good job not getting blown up." Men, in Tabitha's opinion, always seemed to need praise. Accordingly, she made an effort to dole it out. "Thank you," Stephen said drily. "I wasn't sure the mission was a success until just now." "I - Author: Natalie Grey
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#2. In boxing, I had a lot of fear. Fear was good. But, for the first time, in the bout with Muhammad Ali, I didn't have any fear. I thought, 'This is easy. This is what I've been waiting for'. No fear at all. No nervousness. And I lost. - Author: George Foreman
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#3. Therefore reinforcing a stereotype, therefore thinking that the entire Indian culture is just made of people that are against their children's decisions. - Author: Parminder Nagra
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#4. Getting up to Zaire - getting ready to fight Muhammad Ali - I thought this will be a matter of just a little exercise. I'll probably knock him out in three rounds. Two, three - maybe three and a half rounds. That was the most confidence I had in my whole life. - Author: George Foreman
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#5. I named all my sons George Edward Foreman. And I tell people, 'If you're going to get hit as many times as I've been hit by Mohammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Evander Holyfield - you're not going to remember many names.' - Author: George Foreman
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#6. Man is indeed an object miraculously vain, various and wavering. It is difficult to found a judgement on him which is steady and uniform. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#7. Well, when I was a little girl we had 17 cats once. They all lived outside, and they kept having more kittens. My mom made us put little ribbons around each kitten's neck, put them in a wagon, and go door-to-door around the neighborhood to try to give them away. - Author: Cheryl Hines
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#8. I hit Ali with everything and he said 'is that all you got' and I said 'yeah, that's pretty much it.' - Author: George Foreman
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#9. Good leaders sacrifice for others to survive; bad leaders sacrifice others to survive - Author: Saji Ijiyemi
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#10. Of all the great heavyweights of modern times, Joe Frazier was the unluckiest. He had to share an era with both Ali and Foreman. - Author: Jim Bailey
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#11. It's been a terrific life. - Author: Ernie Harwell
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#12. In the old days, when Muhammad Ali was fighting Ken Norton, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, there was a lot of excitement in the heavyweight division, I have to admit it. - Author: Wladimir Klitschko
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#13. If you were surprised when Nixon resigned, just watch what happens when I whup Foreman's behind! - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#14. I'm on the record for five losses or something like that, but the one guy who really whipped me was Muhammad Ali. And it taught me one big lesson. That no matter how big and strong you are, you're going to have to use your mind. You must think things out. - Author: George Foreman
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#15. If you want swashbuckling action in your life, become an entrepreneur and give it a go. - Author: Richard Branson
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#16. I've seen George Foreman shadow boxing, and the shadow won. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#17. There is nothing better or more necessary than love. - Author: San Juan De La Cruz
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#18. There's never been a boxer better than Joe Louis. You'd take one shot from him and you were sure he'd have seven or eight more coming for you. Certainly Muhammad Ali was the greatest man ever to fight, but not the greatest boxer. - Author: George Foreman
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#19. My book 'Ali Pasha' tells the true story of a young sailor Henry Friston, who, in the hell-fire of battle, forms an unusual friendship. - Author: Michael Foreman
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#20. Muhammad Ali is a true hero, and the fact there's something wrong with him is his badge of valour. He's a great man. - Author: George Foreman
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#21. You don't have something smartass you want to add? - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#22. There aren't many people like that - who will tell you the truth about themselves and anything else right out. I've only met three people like that, I think - four now," she said, her smile widening to warm him. "There was - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#23. Olivia, if you need anything give me a call. I'm never far. N. - Author: M. Leighton
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#24. Everything America should be, Muhammad Ali is. - Author: George Foreman
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#25. You think the world was shocked when Nixon resigned? Wait till I whup George Foreman's behind. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#26. The time may have come to say goodbye to Muhammad Ali, because very honestly, I don't think he can beat George Foreman. - Author: Howard Cosell
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#27. I'm so fast I run through a hurricane and not get wet. George Foreman is gonna pay me a dept. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#28. The fear of being an old maid made young girls rush into matrimony with a recklessness that astonishes. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#29. They call it the rope-a-dope. Well, I'm the dope. Ali just laid on the rope and I, like a dope, kept punching until I got tired. But he was probably the most smart fighter I've ever gotten into the ring with. - Author: George Foreman
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#30. I'd have to say losing the title to Ali in '74 was the lowest moment in sports for me. It was the most devastating thing in my boxing career, and it still hurts to this day. - Author: George Foreman
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#31. I wish I were a rock,' he said, and he became a rock. - Author: William Steig
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