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Top 15 Aleida Guevara Quotes

#1. Employment leaves you distracted - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#2. Yet we can't wait for the undamaged to make our connections for us; we can't wait to speak until we are wholly clear and righteous. There is no purity, and, in our lifetimes, no end to this process. - Author: Adrienne Rich
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#3. I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches. by Alice Roosevelt Longworth - Author: Claudy Conn
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#4. They are all but stomachs, and we all but food.
To eat us hungerly, and when they are full,
They belch us.
-Emilia - Author: William Shakespeare
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#5. There is nothing lonelier than adventure. - Author: Aleida Guevara March
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#6. When men are able to influence so many others through their life and their example, they do not die. - Author: Aleida Guevara
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#7. I do not believe that we can stop perfecting new ways of dying until we have found new ways of living. Every new life-way ought to prevent a new death-way. - Author: Haniel Long
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#8. You look at the life histories of most successful people or organisations, who have 1) Succeeded, 2) sustained success and 3) maintained goodwill, they have all lived by this one principle: I shall always give more than I get, to my family, organisation and my society. - Author: Shiv Khera
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#9. One has to learn contentment, forgiveness, and purpose on her own before the universe allows her to share her happiness with another soul. - Author: Benyf
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#10. If my father was alive today, he would have fought for Kurdish rights - Author: Aleida Guevara
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#11. The more educated the people, the freer they are - Author: Aleida Guevara
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#12. Can anything be less cool than defending the motion picture academy? - Author: Steve Erickson
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#13. Words are less needful to sorrow than to joy. - Author: Helen Hunt Jackson
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#14. You have to believe that you can act and that you're the right person for the job but I think it's good to not always know how you're going to do it. The fun part is trying to figure it out. - Author: Scarlett Johansson
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#15. I want to be whole. More than half-healed. More than half-loved.

I was never given a lovely life. And I've had far too much taken from me, the most poignant being my innocence, my joy, and my trust... I want them all back. - Author: Cheri Bauer
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