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#1. No sin has ever made any person happy. Sin simply cannot bring happiness, but it can deliver pleasure, and
when we confuse pleasure with happiness, we are wide open to the seduction of the enemy. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#2. Let the voice of the people be heard! - Author: Albert Parsons
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#3. When he reached her, he touched a hand to her face. Smiled. "Important. That's one word. Everything. That's another. Loved," he said, adding the most important word of all. "God, Darcy, you are so loved. - Author: Cindy Gerard
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#4. The interesting thing about London is that there are always stylish surprises around every corner. - Author: Natalie Massenet
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#5. Economists love to talk about incentives, but the bottom line is that people hate being controlled or manipulated, even when done through voluntary institutions. This is one of the most important tensions in capitalism. - Author: Tyler Cowen
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#6. Every great robbery that was ever perpetrated upon a people has been by virtue of an in-the-name-of law. - Author: Albert Parsons
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#7. It's no longer necessary to slave over the vocals. I don't sing the lyrics until I write them, and singing is the very last thing I do. I record the entire track, and then I worry about lyrics and vocals. The music will suggest where the words are going to a certain extent. - Author: Todd Rundgren
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#8. Don't be worried about the next man - make sure your business tight. - Author: Dr. Dre
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#9. Better to lose with the right team than to win with the wrong team. - Author: Ogwo David Emenike
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#10. Formerly the master selected the slave; today the slave selects his master. - Author: Albert Parsons
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#11. Traditions brings continuity to one's existence, but this sort of continuity is precisely what has been increasingly lost
throughout modernity. - Author: Lars Fr. H. Svendsen
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#12. I have made some enemies. My enemies in the southern states consisted of those who oppressed the black slave. My enemies in the north are among those who would perpetuate the slavery of the wage workers - Author: Albert Parsons
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#13. Advice to artists: always take the opportunity to shut up. - Author: Bill Jay
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#14. I had no plan to write a western novel, and when I realized it was happening, I was pretty surprised by it. But you have to go with what feels right. - Author: Patrick DeWitt
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#15. All beginnings are scary, like all endings are sad, but that's the journey and everything in between is worth experiencing. - Author: J.C. Reed
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#16. I always wanted to be a journeyman actor. I wanted to be able to do comedy and drama, classical and contemporary. I like to do film and theater. And I pride myself on that diversity of being a journeyman actor. - Author: Wendell Pierce
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#17. The work of salvation, in its full sense, is (1) about whole human beings, not merely souls; (2) about the present, not simply the future; and (3) about what God does through us, not merely what God does in and for us. - Author: N. T. Wright
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