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Top 15 Alan And Naomi Quotes

#1. Well, I was making a record, and I had to choose a name, because they said, you know, you can't make a record under the name of Reg Dwight, because it's never going to - you know, it's not attractive enough.

Elton John

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#2. How had I lost so much in such a short period of time? It would seem like leaving your family, living in some foreign place, and being separated from the person you love should be events that take years to roll into place, not just a day.

Kiera Cass

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#3. He had intense gravitational force. He was like Saturn because Saturn has so many moons. If I kicked my shoes up in the air, they would go into orbit around him.

Heather O'Neill

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#4. If we really face our sadness, we find it speaks with the voice of our deepest longing. And if we face it a little longer we find that
it teaches us the way to attain what we long for.

Peter Kingsley

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#5. Steam in an open space would just simply scatter in different directions. Steam contained in an engine can move a whole train. Success comes from One-pointedness and Constancy of Aim and Effort.

Choa Kok Sui

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#6. If you're old, don't try to change yourself, change your environment.

B.F. Skinner

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#7. The end of rebellion is liberation, while the end of revolution is the foundation of freedom.

Hannah Arendt

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#8. Everything starts somewhere, though many physicists disagree. But people have always been dimly aware of the problem with the start of things. They wonder how the snowplough driver gets to work, or how the makers of dictionaries look up the spelling of words.

Terry Pratchett

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#9. I've had so many jobs other than acting, it's insane.

Todd Louiso

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#10. It is my firm faith that man is by nature going higher.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#11. Of course I wanted to know. I was a writer. I wanted to know everything.

Gregory David Roberts

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#12. I don't go to that many Broadway shows, so I can't really say anything.

Kenneth Edmonds

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#13. Is it okay to be a tiny tiny bit tired of Caitlyn? Yes, was very brave but so far he's gone from man to mannequin, instead of man to woman.

Anne Lamott

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#14. The fuck are you staring at? I hiss at the stranger staring at me in my rearview. Oh, wait, that's me.

Sean Murphy

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#15. Oh, I knew he was gonna do that. I just knew he was gonna do that. He don't need Jannetty. I told you that off and on.

Bobby Heenan

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