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#1. Topography displays no favorites; North's as near as West.
More delicate than the historians' are the map-makers' colors. - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
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#2. You are here. You are here. You're still right here. - Author: Richard Siken
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#3. For too many years, politicians in Washington have been eager to pledge more hard-earned taxpayer dollars to help deal with the student debt load. But this doesn't sit right with the many Americans who take pride in making fiscally responsible choices and paying off their loans on time. - Author: John Kline
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#4. Conservatives and liberals alike have been waiting for this moment for a third of a century. - Author: Michael Kinsley
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#5. Because I have forgiven my past, and God has forgiven my past, no person on earth can make me denounce my past. It's what made me who I am today. - Author: Julie-Anne
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#6. I'm standing in front of you, Josie. You just have to turn around. - Author: Heidi McLaughlin
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#7. Don't just expect the scouts to find you. Go to camps, clinics and make sure you are seen. - Author: Paul Quantrill
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#8. If you have issues with family, friends, and people at work, try and solve these issues head on so you can move on and concentrate on having the life you want. - Author: Heidi Klum
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#9. For my wife Mary Corliss and me, 'Colbert' has been destination viewing. Even in the early years, we never took the show's excellence for granted, agreeing that someday we'd look back on the double whammy of 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report' as the golden age of TV's singeing singing satire. - Author: Richard Corliss
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#10. What happened to him? (Lioness) He pissed me off. (Savitar) Why hasn't one of the other jaguars taken his place? (Lioness) He pissed me off ... big time. (Savitar) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#11. I am known in parts of the world by people who have never heard of Jesus Christ. - Author: Charlie Chaplin
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#12. Amelia Bedelia," said Mrs. Rogers,
"Christmas is just around the corner."
"It is?" said Amelia Bedelia. "Which corner?"
Mrs. Rogers lauhged and said,
"I mean tomorrow is Christmas Day."
"I know that," said Amelia Bedelia. - Author: Peggy Parish
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