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#1. The scholar may be sure that he writes the tougher truth for the calluses on his palms. They give firmness to the sentence. Indeed, the mind never makes a great and successful effort, without a corresponding energy of the body. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#2. Watch your habits, they determine your character. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#3. To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become - Author: Eric Thomas
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#4. Caged birds still sing beautiful symphonies. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#5. Ranting about her being hard to understand? Wait until you lose her. You will clearly understand, what an effortless power a woman has! - Author: Manasa Rao
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#6. Methinks I will not die quite happy without having seen something of that Rome of which I have read so much. - Author: Walter Scott
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#7. The people who didn't want help needed it the most. She - Author: Kerry Lonsdale
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#8. The Lisa Loeb Eyewear line was created to satisfy all of those people who always stop me and ask me where I get my glasses because they want some just like mine! - Author: Lisa Loeb
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#9. We've had fiction from the time of cave drawings. I think fiction, storytelling, and narrative in general will always exist in some form. - Author: Edwidge Danticat
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#10. Basic science provides long-term benefits for ourselves and our fragile planet and should be supported by all the world's societies. - Author: David Lee
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#11. Failure and success are not accidents, but the strictest justice. - Author: Alexander Smith
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#12. Some moralist or mythological poet
Compares the solitary soul to a swan;
I am satisfied with that,
Satisfied if a troubled mirror show it,
Before that brief gleam of its life be gone ... - Author: William Butler Yeats
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